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World A Level 1

Once you begin the game head forwards, pick up the Jammer and use it to open the barrier. Grab the second Jammer and use it on the droid. Walk past the droid for the third Jammer and use it to also jam the droid.

Go back and take the second Jammer and use it on the Turret. Grab the third Jammer to free the droid and take it with you. You’ll need a spare Jammer to grab the Star.

Follow the path and enter the courtyard. Go through the open arch at the back right.

Immediately to the right behind a tree you’ll find a Switch. Pull it to open the gate.

Go through with the Jammer and open the barrier for Star #1. Leave back through the gate and enter the first puzzle.

Only the Two of Us (Green Sigil)

Grab the Jammer to the right and open the barrier. Grab the Jammer to the left and open the barrier from the inside. This means you can take the first Jammer with you to open the next barrier.

Grab the other Jammer to disable the Turret and grab the Sigil. Leave and head back to the courtyard.

Peephole (Yellow Sigil)

Jam the barrier through the window so you can grab the second Jammer.

Use the two Jammers to disable both droids. Go through and pick up the Yellow Sigil.

A Switch Out of Reach (Green Sigil)

Run forwards and to the left to grab the Jammer. Use it to jam the Turret.

Follow the wire up the stairs to the switch and pull it to disable the Turret. Grab the Jammer and use it to disable the Droid. Head past it for the Green Sigil.

Outnumbered (Green Sigil)

Use the Jammer to open the barrier and let the Droid out. Grab the Jammer to trap the Droid outside and run around the other way to jam the Turret.

Run around for the Green Sigil.

Striding the Beaten Path (Green Sigil)

Run forwards and grab the Jammer from the right side before the Droid gets close.

When the droid moves past run forwards to the next safe spot and disable the barrier with the Jammer. Trap the second droid behind the barrier. Open the next barrier for the Green Sigil.

Now you should have all the sigils you need to open the gate. This one is very simple.

Run forwards for Terminal #1 in this area. Some levels will have multiple terminals, each with different messages to read. You’ll hear them beeping when there are new messages to read.

Run forwards and you’ll see the portal to the temple but there’s still a couple more puzzles to complete.

Poking a Sleeping Lion (Green Sigil)

Grab the spare Jammer and use it to disable the Droid from a distance.

You can then grab the first Jammer to jam the turret. Then switch the second Jammer from the Droid to the barrier. Go through for the Green Sigil.

Trio Bombasticus (Yellow Sigil)

The three Droids are stuck behind the barriers. Release them one by one to clear the path to the Yellow Sigil.

Head back and go through the portal to complete the level.

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