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World B Level 5

he Terminal is just ahead and you’ll immediately spot a Star on top of the center obelisk. We’ll get to that later.

Slightly Elevated Sigil (Green)

Grab the Connector and place it on the button so you can grab the Box behind the barrier. Use the Connector to open the blue barrier and grab the Connector behind it.

Place the Box on the fan with the Connector on top. Make sure it’s connected to the laser and blue fan receptor.

Grab the other Connector and use it to power the fan. Once the other connector lifts up you can take it away. Place it behind the fence so you can see the first Connector and the blue barrier with the sigil.

Grab the Green Sigil and leave the puzzle.

Me, Myself and our Two Jammers (Red)

You’ll need to use the Camera and go back and forth to make progress as you get through the first barrier, turret, second barrier and second turret.

Once you’re through the first barrier use the jammer to disable the turret. Have the shadow move to the button for the second barrier and stand on the button for a few seconds. You can then go through both barriers and take the Jammer to disable the second turret and grab the Red Sigil.

The Four Chambers of Flying (Red)

Grab the Box and place it on the left button so you can get to the Connector. Place the box in the room with the fan blowing to the right and step on the button. The Box will get shot across to the room to the far right.

Climb up the ladder into the room on the right. Place the box down to get the Jammer. Then use the Box and Jammer to open the other barrier and take them both out.

use the Jammer to open the barrier with the fan blowing towards the sigil. Shoot the Box with Jammer on top over and then climb up the ladder on the left. Use the Jammer to open the barrier to the Red Sigil.

Around the back of this puzzle behind some ruins you’ll find the second Terminal. Check it out then head into the next puzzle.

Behind the Iron Curtain (Red)

Use the Connector on the button to open the barrier to the right. Grab the Box and use the Box on the button inside to keep the barrier open while you grab the Connector.

Place the connector on the button by the red laser and use it to open the red barrier so you can grab the second box.

Use a Connector to open the barrier to the fan and connect the red laser to power it. Take both boxes up the fan to the ledge and drop them down the other side. There’s already one box here so that makes three.

Place the boxes on the buttons to make a step up so you can take the Connector out.

Place one Connector on the button by the red laser to open the barrier to the blue laser. The other Connector on the button to open the barrier out. Connect it to the barrier with the Sigil. The blue laser should just fit under the red.

Go through and grab the Red Sigil. Reset the puzzle for the star.

Star #15

Inside Behind the Iron Curtain you’ll need to reset the puzzle so you can grab the two boxes. Bring them up the fan to the ledge but don’t drop them down. Instead place one in the air stream and the other on the edge of the ledge so you can jump up them and over the wall.

Over the edge you’ll see a little courtyard with two fans.

Grab the fan piece and use the other fan to get blown over the wall. Place the fan piece down at the base of the obelisk. It needs to get powered by a blue laser.

Enter Slightly Elevated Sigil and grab the items. Place the box on the fan, power the fan with the blue laser and jump on the box while holding a Connector. From here you can jump to the top of the wall. Place the Connector down so it powers the fan at the base of the obelisk.

Drop down, ride the fan up to the top of the obelisk and grab Star #15.

Alley of the Pressure Plates (Red)

Put a Box and Connector on the alley of pressure plates to open the first two barriers. Press the record button and wait about 30 seconds.

Then use the shadow version of the box and connector to open the last two barriers. Stop the recording.

Place the box on top of the fan and the connector to the blue laser, fan power and blue barrier with the sigil. Do this quickly while the shadow version is waiting. Go through the barriers when the shadow version opens them and collect the Red Sigil.

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