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All the puzzles in this zone are on separate islands. Use the fans in each quadrant to get blown over to them.

Press and Jam

You’ll need to use the recorder, jammer and connector to make your way through all of the barriers, bringing the red laser to the fan receptor so you can get up to the switch.

With the recording you’ll have 2 Jammers and 2 Connectors. One shadow version of each. Once you get through the first five barriers you’ll free up another Jammer. Remember to use the Jammers on the buttons to disable one barrier with the button and the other with the jammer at the same time. With 2 Jammers you can disable 4 barriers. Do this with the recording.

During playback use a Connector alongside the jammers and other connectors to bring the red laser down to the receptor.

Use the fan to get up to the switch. Pull it to rescue the prisoner and open the gate.

Star #13

After rescuing the prisoner in Press and Jam start the recording, grab a Connector and climb up the rocks at the back of the puzzle. You can climb up just up the stairs and to the right.

Once you’re at the top of the cliff run around to the left and place the Connector down on the highest peak while connected to the red laser.

Drop down and use the Jammers to open the barriers so you can get through later. Stop the recording and bring a Connector down pas the barriers. Connect to the laser on the hill and the red receptor in the far left corner.

Grab the fan piece and place it on this fan. Use it to boost up to the fence where you’ll find the Star.

Colliding Beams

Place the Connector in the path of the red laser while connecting the blue laser to the receptor. This opens the barrier so you can grab the second Connector.

Bring the red laser through the window with one Connector and then down through another window to the barrier with the second Connector.

Go inside for the third Connector. Now you want to target through the windows to the blue receptors. There are two of them on the side where the droids are patrolling.

Use the third Connector to block the red laser so the blue laser has a clear path. Go through the purple barrier and pull the switch to rescue the prisoner.

Star #14

Stay on the island of Colliding Beams but go outside the puzzle and around the island to the left. Behind a small wall you’ll find a Box.

Place it on the side of the short wall sticking out around the back. Climb up and take the Box with you.

Climb up and over the wall, dropping down into the puzzle. Take the Box to the button towards the front of the puzzle and the same side as the prisoner but not through the purple barrier.

This opens a barrier on the other side of the purple barrier. Go through for the Star.

Air Delivery

Jam the barrier close to the entrance by targeting the barrier through the window. Place a fan piece on the button by the fan facing the entrance and boost over the wall.

Grab the Box behind the open barrier. Place the box on the fan and stand on the button to send it over the wall. Climb over the wall using the ladder.

Replace the fan piece and send the box over to the furthest section in the puzzle. Use the Jammer to open the first barrier in the final section. Place the Box on the fan and then the Jammer on the box while targeting the first barrier.

Grab the fan piece and take it through. Then use the Jammer to jam the second barrier and the fan piece on the button to open the third barrier.

Let the fan at the end boost you all the way back to the switch. Pull it to release the prisoner.

Star #15

Reset the puzzles and fly over to Colliding Beams. Run around the back and pick up the Box. Bring it back to the central hub and climb up the rocks on the left side. You should be able to climb up and over the wall without going through the purple barrier.

Find the low wall that you can climb up by using the box. You want to take the box with you.

Jump across the top of the arches in the center and turn to the left. Jump over the wall with the note on the side of it.

Fly over to the island and continue around the side to find a fan with a button.

Put the box on the button and fly over to the small floating island with the star.


There’s a fair bit to this puzzle, as well as the final star. Start by grabbing the Box and using it to jump over the fence in the central courtyard for the second Box, Connector and Jammer.

Use the second Box to get back over the fence, just make sure you grab it as well.

Place a Box on the droid going through the turrets to the left. It will get blown to the right and trapped in a small area. This frees up the blue laser.

Connect the blue laser through the window where the droid used to be to the connector on the right side. It automatically directs the laser to the receptor.

This opens one barrier. Grab the Jammer and open the second barrier. Behind it you’ll find 2 Fan Pieces. Place them both down in the corridor where the 2 droids are patrolling.

Grab the Jammer and disable the barrier so the blue laser can get through. Wait a few seconds and both barriers to the left will get disabled as well.

Go through, pick up the Connector and attach it to the receptor behind it as well. This frees up another Jammer.

Now use the 2 Jammers to disable the two barriers so you can grab the Connector. The next step is to bring the blue laser to the corridor with the droids and power the two fans. The droids will get airborne.

Use the two Jammers to disable the 3 barriers. One of them can sit on a button and jam at the same time. Use the blue laser connector to connect to the receptor at the end of the corridor. This disables a barrier and frees up one of the Jammers.

Take a Box to the next button and then a Jammer to open the final barrier. Go through and pull the switch to rescue the Prisoner.

Star #16

Once you grab the Box, Connector and Jammer from the central courtyard in Goliath take a Box over to the left to block in the droid by the wall. Put a Box on the droid and jump onto it. Jump to the fence to the right and grab the box. Take it with you as you jump up the wall.

Continue up and use the Box to get up to the roof. Run around the walkway until you find the balcony with the Star.

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