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World B Level 6

Right in front you’ll find the Terminal to the right. We’ll start with the first puzzle on the left.

Egyptian Arcade (Red)

In one of the rooms on the left you’ll find the Jammer. Grab it and use it to stun the second Droid down the corridor to the right. Run past it for the second Jammer.

Quickly move back the way you came and stun the first Droid before it reaches you. Grab the first Jammer, move out of the corridor and stun the first Droid so you can free both Jammers.

Now use a Jammer to open the barrier. When the Droid comes out sneak inside and jam the barrier from the inside. Grab the first Jammer and run inside. You may need to wait for the Droid to do one circuit and come back out first.

Once inside close the barrier to trap the Droid outside. Use both Jammers to open the second barrier and freeze the Droid. Keep the Droid inside the room with the Keys.

Grab the Keys and lock the Droid back behind the barrier. Use the two Jammers to get out the first barrier and trap the Droid inside while taking the two Jammers with you.

Use the Keys to open the gate and the two Jammers to disable the two turrets on the far wall.

Run under the near Turret and head around the building to the Switch. Pull the Switch to turn off the Turret and grab the Red Sigil.

Crisscross Conundrum (Yellow)

Use the Connector to open the red barrier. Go inside for the second Connector. Open the next red barrier and grab the third Connector. Use it to open the third red barrier. Go inside the last area for the fourth Connector.

Now come back out to the start and take the Connectors with you. You’ll need to send the blue laser around the small building to the right so that it doesn’t intersect the red laser.

Bring the blue laser to the blue barrier and grab the Yellow Sigil.

Just Doors and Windows (Yellow)

Run forwards until you find the Connector. It’s attached to the red laser but not in the right spot. Grab it and bring it back until you can connect the red laser to the red barrier.

Go through, grab the second Connector and open the second barrier. Grab the third Connector and the second connector and use one to open the other barrier so you can grab the fourth Connector.

Place a Connector by the red barrier with the sigil in front of the window. Place a Connector in the corner so that you can see through both windows to bring the laser to the final red barrier.

Run back and grab the Yellow Sigil. You can climb up the ladder for a shortcut out.

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