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Throne Room (Red)

Run around to the back and grab the Connector. Return to the front and connect the red laser through the window to the red barrier.

Go through the barrier you just opened for a Box. use the Box to climb up the staircase on the right side. Take the Connector with you. Place it on the Box and connect the red laser to the connector in the yard. This opens the front barrier.

Go into the yard you just opened and stand in the way of the blue laser. This briefly stops the fan from blowing. Quickly run around the corner and grab the Fan. Place the fan on the spot by the stairs.

Use the fan to float up and grab the Connector on the box. Use it to connect the blue laser to the next barrier. Then use the other connector to connect the red laser through the window to the same barrier and the one beyond it.

Grab the fan piece and take it with you through the two barriers. Place it on the pressure plate to open the final barrier and grab the Red Sigil.

Before you leave you may want to pick up the next star.

Star #21

Attach the fan piece to the fan by the stairs. Take the Box to the top of the stairs if you haven’t already and place it in the air stream. Jump on top of the box and then do a big jump to the ledge.

From there do a running jump to the Star in the corner.

Oubliette (Red)

Use the recorder, grab the Platform and stand by the small ledge. Then move to the tall ledge and jump up and down a few times. Turn the recording off.

When the shadow goes to the small ledge grab the Box and jump onto the platform. Ride it over to the tall ledge. When the shadow jumps up and down place the box on the ledge and jump up there with it. Place the box on the pressure plate to open the barrier. Drop back down to the yard.

Start the recording again and move to the small ledge and tall ledge with the platform as before. This time wait about 10 seconds before stopping the recording. Ride the platform over as before. Grab the box and drop down with the droid. Block the droid in so it doesn’t disrupt the beam and then climb up the ladder.

Drop into the courtyard, grab the Platform and use it on the pressure plate to open the barrier to the Red Sigil.

Star #22

Before you leave start the recording again. Grab the Platform and stand by the ledge for a second, then run around to the right and stand by the barrier. Stop the recording. Grab the Box and jump on the Platform. Ride it around to the barrier and jump over it.

Use the Box on the barrier with the Star. Then place the Box on the barrier to get out so you can head out to the other puzzles.

Stables (Red)

Use the Jammer to disable the first barrier, then the Connector to disable the second barrier.

Go through for Connector #2 and connect it to the first to open the third barrier. Go through to find the Red Sigil behind a barrier. You’ll need to free up either a Connector or the Jammer to reach it.

Go back to the start and place a Connector to open the first barrier and make sure it can see through the two windows to the right. Use Connector #2 to open the second barrier, then open it with the Jammer from the other side. Bring both the Connector and Jammer through.

Use the Jammer on the third barrier and bring the Connector #2 through. Use it to Connect to the first Connector through the windows and the barrier with the Red Sigil.

Armory (Red)

Use the two Connectors to open the two blue barriers and grab the Jammer from the center yard. Use the Jammer on the Droid near the entrance to disable it and grab the Box.

Place the Box and Connector in line with the red laser to stop it and unpower the fan. Use the Jammer and other Connector to open the barriers so you can run around to the back and pull out the fan piece.

Use the Jammer to open the first barrier from the inside. Then use a Connector by the red laser but connected to the blue laser so you can see it through the windows.

Run around to the back with a Connector and Jammer. Use the second Connector to target the first through the windows and disable the blue barrier with the Red Sigil.

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