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World A Level 3

Immediately upon entering the level you’ll spot the Terminal. Take a look at it to move the story forwards and for a few messages.

There are two stars to find in this level. The first star can be found right away by looking at a couple of the pillars around the circular hub area.

Press the button on the pillar marked with VII and the pillar marked XX.

Part of the pond will drain and stairs will appear. Walk down them to find Star #3. The second star can be found in the puzzles.

An Escalating Problem (Red Sigil)

Go to the right and grab the Jammer from the ledge. You can reach it from below. Jam the barrier and go through. Run around to the ledge and grab the Jammer.

Go up the steps and down the other side. Disable the barrier and grab the Keys from the center while avoiding the Droids.

Come back out and climb up the steps. Use the Keys to open the gate, then use the Jammer to disable the barrier and let the droid through. Once the droid is through the barrier switch the jammer to disable the barrier by the turret. The droid will go through the gate and barrier to blow up the turret.

Go through to pick up the Red Sigil by the turret.

Locked Me Up, Swallowed the Key (Red Sigil)

Run around to the right for the Jammer. Open the barrier and go through. Run around to the left to find the Keys. Go back and open the gate. You can now bring the Jammer through the gate.

Jam the Turret to get Jammer #2. Use both Jammers to disable the barriers and turret. Run through to pick up the Yellow Sigil. Climb the ladder for a shortcut out of the puzzle.

Stashed for Later (Green Sigil)

To the left is a Droid disabled by a Jammer but you can’t grab it just yet. To the right you’ll find 2 Turrets protecting the sigil. Head towards the turrets and go left to find the Keys.

Now go to the right side to open the gate and find Jammer #1. Run back to the start and go to the left side. Disable the Droid with Jammer #1 so you can grab Jammer #2.

Take them both back to the Turrets to disable the turrets and grab the Green Sigil. Just watch out for the roaming droids.

A Bit Tied Up (Yellow Sigil)

Grab the Jammer #1 to the left and target the disabled Turret.

Run past the Turret for Jammer #2. Jam the droid so you can grab Jammer #3. Release the droid and the turret, they’ll blow each other up.

Jam the next barrier, then jam it from within so you can grab the first jammer. Jam the two turrets and if you have the third jammer with you use it to disable the barrier for Star #4.

Grab the Yellow Sigil and then head through the gate for a shortcut out. That’s all for now so head back to the portal and return to the temple. If the terminal is beeping at you take a look for any more progress to the story.

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