Legend of Grimrock 2 is an old-school dungeon crawler with modern aesthetics. A group of prisoners shipwreck on the Isle of Nex. You must discover the mysteries of the isle and overcome it’s challenges if you wish to escape.

Each of the prisoners can choose a unique race and class depending on how you want to play the game. There are 8 character classes and 5 races. There are 42 kinds of monsters on the isle with 30 of them being new to Legend of Grimrock 2.

The main game features a large isle to explore with dungeons to crawl through and towers to climb. Once you’re done with this you can download any of the many custom maps to continue your adventures.

Legend of Grimrock 2 Maps

This is an overview of the isle locations. More detailed maps will be shown for the walkthroughs for each of the various levels. You begin on Shipwreck Beach.

Legend of Grimrock 2 Walkthrough

Shipwreck Beach
Dead Sailor’s Cave
Twigroot Forest
Twigroot Tunnels
Twigroot Basement
Forgotten River
River Tunnels
Sleet Island
Flooded Dungeon
Keelbreach Bog
Herder’s Den
Ruins of Desarune
Hamlet of Stormbreach
Wormbound Catacombs
Orul’s Crypt
Crystal Mine Entrance
Crystal Mine Core
Crystal Mine Abyss
Pyramid of Umas
Tomb Underground
Tomb of Rites
Ceremonial Chamber
Barren Desert
Castle Nex
Trickster’s Lair