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Objective: Find a way into the UFO and steal the ELEMENT 115 Artifact.

Secrets: 3

Items: 2 Code Disks, Code Card, Key and the ELEMENT 115 Artifact

Loading Bay

 Leave the truck and climb over the first MJ-12 Box to the left. Behind it is a Small Medipak. Climb over the box and again and head towards the other side of the docking bay. A MP will come charging at you from around the corner. Kill him before he makes it back to the Armory otherwise you won’t be able to get past the lasers.

Head around the corner and follow the corridor to the end. Turn left into the Armory and pick up the MP5 Submachine Gun and 2 sets of MP5 Clips. The Switch in the Armory turns on the lasers so leave it alone.

Leave the Armory and press the button on the wall to your right. This will open up a grate that was blocking a crawlspace. Crawl through and pick up the Large Medipak on the other side.

Climb up to the next crawlspace and crawl on through. When you get to the other side DON’T stand up. Stay crouched to avoid the laser trap.

Turn to the left and when the laser traps moves overhead crawl forwards as fast as you can. When you are safely through the passage stand up, light a flare and grab the Large Medipak.

Turn around and make your way back past the laser trap by crawling under it. Once you are passed it run forwards and climb up the ladder.

Crawl forwards through the crawlspace and wait for the MP to walk past before getting out. You’ll need to kill him before he runs to the end of the hallway and activates the lasers. Pull the Switch on the wall opposite the crawlspace you came out of to open the prison cell. Inside you’ll find a Small Medipak and a prisoner who will run free when you walk close to him.

Walk down the hallway and just before the ramp enter the crawlspace to the right, shown below.

Pick up the Flares on the other side. Climb up the block ahead and crawl through. Continue forwards past the laser on your left. It won’t fire unless you trip the laser.

Turn left at the end and you’ll notice a MP past the MJ-12 box. Run towards him and take him down before he notices you and reaches the hand scanner to close off the second Armory. Turn right just past the MJ-12 box into the Armory and pick up the Harpoons, Rocket and Grenades.

Exit the Armory and continue down the corridor where the MP was standing. Around the corner to the right is a Switch. Pull it to open a trapdoor which drops you down to an outside area.


Turn to the right and run around the complex, quickly killing the MP before he reaches the scanner. If he reaches the scanner he will release German Shepherds and close a grate, preventing you from finding the first secret.

Drop down to the left of the scanner and crawl through the passage marked with striped yellow lines to find some Grenades. Crawl through to the other side of the passage and pull up onto the block. Turn right. Run straight ahead between the two buildings to find Shotgun Shells.

Turn around and drop into the pit in the middle. In one corner there is a trapdoor that will open when you stand on it. On the center pylon is  a Switch. Pull the switch first to open a crawlspace below, then get your guns ready and stand on the trapdoor. Below a MP will attack. In one corner of this lower area is a crawlspace with a Power-Up Crystal behind it. Go grab the crystal for Secret #1.

Head through the other crawlspace on the other side that you opened up with the switch above. In the crawlspace you’ll come to a 4-way intersection. The left is a dead end. Crawl to the right for some Desert Eagle Clips & MP5 Ammo.

Now continue to the other side of the crawlspace and stand up. To the right you’ll find more MP5 Ammo. To the left is a trapdoor. Stand on it and drop down to the underground complex.

The Underground Complex

Drop down the trapdoor, shoot the MP Guard and grab  the Small Medipak that he drops. Run down the corridor away from the glass floor and follow it around to the left. Pull the Switch to open another cell and release a prisoner. Light a Flare and crawl into the crawlspace in the dark side of the cell. Inside you’ll find a Large Medipak.

Go pack down the corridor and follow the prisoner over the glassed area. He will run around the back and crawl over the lasers, which Lara can’t do, so instead go through the crawlspace to the left.

Pick up the Large Medipak in the first crawlspace and drop down to the floor below. Pick up the Shotgun and crawl through the next crawlspace to the other corridor.

Turn left and run around the corner. The prisoner should have dealt with another MP. There is a button on a computer in the corner. Push it to look inside one of the cells and see another MP waiting there. It’s a trap!

There is a second MP at the end of the corridor. The prisoner may deal with him or you may have to help him out. In the center of the corridor is an alcove to the right. When you step forwards the door ahead closes and the two to the sides open, releasing 2 MP Guards.

Pull the Switch in the left room to open a crawl-way in the right room. Crawl through, half-way up the ramp and turn left. This takes you behind the doors that closed earlier.

Drop down and run up the ramp, taking out an MP as you go. Continue curving around and going up. There is a T-intersection, take the path to the right, away form the glass windows. You’ll investigate that later.

Continue up until you come to the room with the Yellow Missile. Take out the MP Guard on the scaffolding, head to the right side of the catwalk and drop down to the floor below. Climb up the ladder on the other side of the room and pick up the Code Clearance Disk from the fallen MP.

Drop down to the floor and climb up the other ladder. Follow the ramp down and this time continue ahead, past the glass wall to the Missile Silo room. Drop down, or use the ladder, and walk towards the computer in the corner.

There are 2 motion sensor lasers that block your path so you’ll need to jump over them. If you trigger them the Gun Turret will activate.

Use the Code Clearance Disk on the computer to raise the missiles. From the computer turn around and climb up the platform with the swinging hook.

Shoot the vent next to the corner pylon to smash it open. Climb inside the duct for Secret #2. Climb down the ladder at the end of the duct for a Power-Up Crystal, then climb back up the ladder and run back to the platform with the swinging hook.

Face the hook and run past it to the other side for some Shotgun Shells. Climb onto the Missile conveyor belt and jump across to grab onto the ladder.  Inside the room above a Soldier is hiding in the far right corner.

Jump across to the soldier, making sure to jump where there is an arc in the roof or you’ll bump your head and fall to the floor below. The soldier has a Hangar Access Key. Grab it and then climb down the ladder to the Missile Silo.

Climb up the ladder where you originally came from and run down the ramp, continue up the other side towards the Yellow Missile. Drop down to the floor and go through the passage on the other side of the missile.  Run around the hole in the floor and use the Hangar Access Key on the lock to open the door.

Electric Train Track

Run inside and take out the MP guarding this platform. Drop down to the ground under the train tracks and run to the left. Climb up the ladder at the end and push the button in the small room to call the train.

Run back towards the train and just before you reach the train crouch down and crawl to the other side of the train track. Climb up the ladder into a small ladder with Shotgun Shells.

Take a standing jump onto the roof of the train, walk to the other side and pull up to the passage above the train.

Follow the corridor and drop down the hole at the end to a little platform. From here take a running jump over the electrified track. A MP will attack you on the other side. To the right on the ground near the track you find Shotgun Shells.

Run up the ramp all the way to the top and take out the Soldier who attacks you at the top. To the left you’ll notice a hangar with a UFO inside. You’ll check that out later but for now there’s more to do.

At the end of the corridor you may notice a Gun Turret. There are three motion lasers in this corridor. Two low and one high. That may be hard to see but you’ll need to jump over the first one, jump over the second and crawl under the third to avoid being detected. If you stand in the middle of the block before the laser you should be able to do a standing jump over it.

The Computer Room

Follow the corridor around to the left and left again. Don’t worry there aren’t any more lasers here. Climb up over all the MJ-12 boxes and drop down on the other side.

Take out the MP in the computer room and get ready for a timed run. There are two catwalks on the left and right with buttons on the walls at the end of them. Climb onto the central computer and jump across to the catwalk on the left, when facing the closed door. Pull up and press the Button to open one of the side doors and release an MP.

Do the same on the right side. Press the Button and take out another MP from the other side door that opens.

Now that the MPs are taken care of it’s time for the timed run. Climb up onto the central computer and push the Button on the left catwalk. Jump back to the central computer and over to the right catwalk. Push the Button. To save time immediately do a backflip and run through the two doors you just opened (opposite the entrance to this room)

Run around the 5 Switches and take out a Soldier hiding there. To get access to the UFO Hangar you’ll need to pull the right switches. Pull the second from the left, second from the right and the rightmost Switch to open the UFO Hangar doors.

Jump into the alcove to the left of the left switch and a door will open in front of you. Drop back down into the computer room and run out the exit. Climb back over the MJ-12 boxes and run around the corner into the Hangar.

In the far right corner is a Button. Press it to open a trapdoor above and then climb up the ladder. Climb up to the rung above the trapdoor and backflip onto the platform behind you.

Turn around and pick up the Shotgun Shells. Walk forwards onto the sloped ledge and turn left to look out over the UFO.

Take a massive running jump to the corner of the catwalk above the UFO and drop down to the roof of the UFO. Pick up the Launch Code Pass from the top of the UFO.

Launching the Missile

Leave the Hangar the way you came and work your way around to the right. Repeat the process of avoiding the lasers, but this time in reverse. Crawl, jump and jump over them. Run all the way down the ramp to the electric train track. Take a running jump back to the small ledge with the ladder.

Climb up the ladder and get off to the left. Run back through the trapped corridor, this time in reverse, monkey swinging over the open grates while avoiding the moving laser. Drop down the hole to the top of the train and walk off the side towards the glass walls.

Go through the room and up the ramp. This time you want to drop down the hole in the floor. Pull the Switch at the end of the corridor to open the door to the room underneath the missile.

Walk into the room on the right and use the Launch Code Pass on the side of the computer which will lift up the case covering the Button on the front. Walk to the front and press the Button. Roll and immediately run out the door behind you to avoid being fried to a crisp! Turn around and have a look at the explosion you just avoided.

Run back through the room under the missile silo, through the corridor and up the ladder. Get off to the left and run down the ramp to the room with the now missing missile. Turn to the right and climb up the ladder, all the way to top catwalk on the right.

Walk to the right corner, turn around and take a running jump over the railing to the ledge in the corner with a Large Medipak.

Pick up the medipak, turn around and see if you can take out the MP Guard on a ledge above you. Take a running jump back over the railing and climb up the ladder. Get off to the left, pull the Switch to open the doors and go through.

Go down the ramp and through the crawlspace to another laser trap. When the laser is moving away from you crawl out and jump up to grab the grating on the roof above. Monkey swing to the other side, drop down and crawl through the crawlspace.

The Guard Tower

Pick up the Grenades on the other side and then run down the ramp. At the end, just before the block leading to the outside area you may be able to spot a MP Guard on a Guard Tower. If you can snipe him from here you’ll avoid being shot by him when you enter the open area. You can also jump up and shoot at him from here

Climb up the block and run outside. Another MP will attack from the left. Climb up the Guard Tower and take the MP5 Clips from the guard.

Drop back down and run down the ramp to the right. A Soldier will attack as you try to enter the little room. He also drops a Code Clearance Disk. Pull the Switch in this room to open a trapdoor next to the Guard Tower. Run out and drop down the trapdoor.

Run down the passage and avoid the moving laser by running behind it and then ducking down. Follow the passage to the end, jump onto the vent and climb down to the bottom. This will lead out to the ramp between the UFO Hangar and the Train Tracks.

Exploring the UFO

Turn left to run up the ramp back to the UFO Hangar. Watch out for the motion sensing lasers and then head into the Hangar. Go through the passage on the other side of the UFO. Go left down the ramp and use the Code Clearance Disk on the white computer to the left. This will open a few doors and turn on the lights. One of the doors it opens is the door to the right, leading to the Orca Aquarium. Run around to the other side of the tank to pick up the Flares and Desert Eagle Clips.

Run back out to the UFO and climb up the ladder to the left. Now it’s time for a bit of a detour to pick up the third secret. Climb up the ladder and backflip to the platform behind you as before. This time turn around and walk to the sloped block on the left. Take a running jump diagonally across to grab the sloped block on the other side of the room.

Turn left, take a running jump to the passage in the wall. Press action while you’re in the air so you don’t bump your head on the top of the passage. This is Secret #3.

Jump over the lower laser as it comes towards you and then run under the higher laser. Slide down into the Orca Tank and have a swim with them. They’re friendly creatures. When you’re done pick up the Power-Up Crystal and head out.

Make your way back through the lasers and do a safety drop down to the UFO area below. Head through the passage on the right to the Autopsy Room. Pick up another Power-Up Crystal here to heal you up from the fall you just took.

Go back to the UFO and climb up the hatch underneath the UFO. It’s much larger on the inside than the outside!

Climb up to the second level and get your guns ready. A soldier will attack from ahead. Run up to the other side of the UFO and climb up the opening with the white wall.

Run towards the center and take out another 2 Soldiers that attack from the left and right then pick up the Element 115 in the center to end the level.

Next Level: Thames Wharf (London)