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Temple Ruins

Objective: Find a way into the ruins and use 2 keys to face the 6 armed statue. Find another 3 keys to escape the ruins.

Secrets: 4

Items: 5 Keys and 2 Scimitars

Outside the Ruins

You start in the jungle outside the ruins. You’ll face a new kind of enemy in this level, the Cobra. If you get too close they will poison you and you’ll need to use a medipak to remove the poison.

Take a few steps forwards and then turn right. Head through the hole in the tree and pick up a Small Medipak. Walk forwards and trigger the Cobra. Continue a few steps forwards to trigger a second Cobra.

In the far right corner hidden behind a block you’ll find a Switch. Pull it to open a trapdoor behind you.

Drop down through the trapdoor and crawl under the tree roots. On the other side to the left you’ll find a Small Medipak. Don’t go through the crawlspace to the left. Instead run around to the right but watch out for another Cobra around the corner.

Continue through the passage and climb up the steps leading back up to the jungle floor. Two Monkeys will attack as you try to leave the underground area. Turn left and climb up the mossy blocks in the corner to find MP5 Clips and Shotgun Shells.

The Lake

Stand between the two trees facing out over the lake. Hop back and take a running jump to the central platform. If you miss the jump there are Piranhas in the pool that will make short work of Lara.

If you do miss the jump quickly swim to the shore on the other side of the lake. Pull the Switch in the right corner to open an underwater trapdoor between the two back ledges.

Dive down through the trapdoor and follow the passage along until you can pull up into a large courtyard with a mudslide. When you pull up you’ll be attacked by a Monkey. Yes, the monkeys will attack from now on.

Climb up onto the block at the other end of the courtyard. Turn right and pull up onto the ledge.

In the alcove you’ll find some Uzi Clips. Walk along the ledge and then turn left to go across the middle of the mudslide to the other side. Jump across to the ledge on the other side of the mudslide.

As you walk around the ledge you’ll be attacked by 2 Monkeys. At the end of the walkway you can either go into the passage on the right or jump across to another ledge for some Uzi Clips. See the pic below for where to line up the jump.

Once you have the clips either jump back or drop down and take the path across the mudslide once more and this time go into the passage to the right.

Run through the passage and kill the Monkey that attacks. When you come out of the passage you’ll find a Power-Up Crystal.


From here we’re going to take a small detour across the treetops to find some extra pickups.  Turn left and jump onto the branch closest to the ledge. Continue forwards and take a running jump to grab the end of the end of the thicker branch.

Turn right, walk to the end of the branch, hop back and take a running jump to land on the branch in the distance. Turn right and pick up the Flares.

Walk back to the top of this branch, turn left and take a running jump to grab the next branch.

Walk forwards and take a running jump to land on the low point of the v-shape of the next branch. Turn left, walk up towards the tree and take a standing jump diagonally right to the branch with the Desert Eagle Clips.

Turn to face the tree and walk closer to it. Turn to the right and take a running jump around the tree to land on the next branch. From here you’ll be able to see a waterfall. Walk to the end of the branch and take a running jump to grab the ledge ahead.

The Waterfall

Turn to the right and jump to the tree root jutting out over the water with the Small Medipak. Take a standing jump to the block on the other side of the tree and from here another standing jump onto the rocky slope.

Slide down and grab the edge of the ledge. Shimmy across to the right. Pull up and grab the Shotgun Shells. Turn right and crawl through the crevice until you can stand up.

Turn right, walk to the edge of the cliff and take a standing jump across to a grassed platform. Kill the Monkey and then crawl through the gap to the left. Turn right and kill the Cobra who rears up from the tall grass.

Continue through the passage. Kill a second Cobra hiding around a corner and follow the passage around and down to the right. Make sure you slide down on the right side as a boulder will roll down on the left side.

The Six-Armed Statue

Drop into the room beyond with the six-armed statue and pick up the Shotgun Shells (or shotgun if you don’t already have one) to the left of it. To the right of the statue is a block in the corner. Pull it out and grab some more Shotgun Shells in an alcove behind it.

After picking up the shells turn around to face the block you moved and you’ll notice a small passage you can crawl through to the left. Crawl through into another room with another Six-Armed Statue. This one will come to life.

There is a ledge to the right with a Power-Up Crystal. You can also stay up here to get away from the statue although the statue will protect itself with its swords so you won’t be able to shoot it from here. The key to killing it is move and shoot, move and shoot. It will cover up after one or two shots so keep moving.

Up on the ledge are two Switches on either side. Pull them both. One opens the door on the left when facing the large gate and the other a trapdoor to the right.

Gate with Two Keyholes

To the right of the gate is a hole in the floor that should now be open. Drop down and pull the Switch to open the second gate in the room above. Where not done here yet. The block to the right of you when looking at the switch is movable. Push it to reveal Secret #1.

In this area are dart traps. You’ll need to crawl or walk to the side of them to avoid the darts. The pit to the left contains a Small Medipak. When you drop down a boulder rolls towards you. Pick it up quickly and then jump out forwards to avoid being crushed. Also in this area you’ll find Shotgun Shells, another Small Medipak and Flares. When you’re done climb back up to gate above.

When facing the large gate go through the smaller gate to the left.

Path to First Ganesha Key

Follow the passageway along, over a block, and into another room. Two Monkeys will attack but you should be able to take them down with your pistols. You’ll come back to this room with the empty pool later when you fill up the pool with water. For now exit through the door on the other side of this room to another room with a pool and fire-breathing statues.

Dive into the water and climb out on the other side. Pull the Switch to open a gate below you. Backflip into the water and swim through the open gate. There is a dart trap in the center of this passage so stick to one side.

Pull up out of the passage and take a breath. Climb up onto the green-mossy block on the right and pick up a Small Medipak.

Roll and then swim to the other side of the pool, climb up on the other green-mossy block and climb up the ladder to the left. When you’re about 4 or 5 brown lines from the top backflip onto the ledge behind you. Do a running jump to the ledge diagonally to the left of you.

Turn left and do a standing jump onto the next highest ledge. Turn around and jump onto the climable block. Climb up and pull up at the top.

Take a standing jump diagonally across to the right. Turn to the right and do a running jump diagonally across to the ledge with the Cobra. Hop back to the block to the left as soon as you land to stay out of reach of the cobra.

Do a standing jump diagonally to the right to the next ledge and then one more standing jump to enter the room beyond. As soon as you run in veer to the left or right to avoid the boulder. Crawl under the dart trap and slicing blades to the edge of the pit. There’s a Small Medipak on the floor to the left.

Take a standing jump from the edge of the pit to grab onto the floor opposite. Pull up and grab the Power-Up Crystal.

The block in the far wall to the right of the crystal where the floor is slightly raised is movable. Push it forwards once. Turn right and push another block forwards four times until you see an opening. You won’t be going down that path yet.  The three blocks to the left that you just uncovered are all movable. There is a switch behind the middle one.

To get to it push the first block you uncovered and the third block you uncovered inwards once. Then push the middle block to either side to reveal the Switch.

Tomb Raider 3 Temple Ruins Secret Switch

Pull the switch to fill up the pool in the room where you killed the 2 monkeys. Trace your steps back to the pit and jump over to grab the other side.  Traverse to the left and drop down in the corner without spikes.

Walk carefully through the spikes and crawl into the tunnel to the left. Follow the tunnel around and then crawl through another small gap into the room beyond for Secret #2. Kill the Cobra and then pick up the Power-Up Crystal, Desert Eagle Clips and Uzi Clips.

There is an opening in the room here opposite where you found the crystal. Drop out the opening into the water below. This is the pool with dart trap and green-mossy ledges. Follow the underwater tunnel back to the room with the fire-breathing statues.

Pull up and run into the room beyond with the pool that you just filled up. Dive into the pool and pull the underwater Lever which is to the right side of the pool as you enter this room. The lever opens a gate on the other side of the pool where you’ll find the first Key of Ganesha.

Path to Second Ganesha Key

Exit this room via the passageway you came from, the opening in the wall opposite the room with the fire-breathing statues. Climb over the block and follow the passageway back to the large gate with the two keyholes.

Head through the open door on the other side of the large gate, just past the trapdoor in the floor. Do a running jump into the mud and quickly make your way around to the left before Lara runs out of air. Hop up the mudslide, turn around and take a running jump to grab the above passageway.

Pull up and run forwards. Watch out for the Monkey that attacks from around the corner and pick up the Small Medipak that he stole.

Pull the Switch at the other end of the passageway and get ready to run the gauntlet. Flip to the left as soon as you pull the switch and sprint forwards through the door before it closes. Jump over the blades and out the other side of the room before the spiked walls close in on you.

Walk up the steps to a room with gold lattice in the center and kill the 2 Monkeys. Walk around to the right side and pull out the movable block once, closer to the center structure.

Then push it closer to the entrance to this room once. Climb on top of the block and do standing jump diagonally to the left to grab onto the roof of the lattice structure. Run around to the other side and take a standing jump to grab onto the hole in the roof.

Climb up into the room above for Secret #3 and grab the Shotgun Shells and MP5 Clips. Pull the switch in this room to open an underwater gate. Climb back down the hole as far as you can go and drop down.

Run around to the back of the gold lattice structure and pull the Switch to open a door on the roof above. Climb back onto the movable block and this time standing jump diagonally to the right. Pull up and drop into the pool in the center part of the structure.

Pull the Lever which opens the underwater door and swim through. Continue through to end of the passage and take notice of the hole in the top of the passage. Pull both Levers to the right and left. Swim back through the passage and pull up into the hole into another room.

Secret #4 – There are 3 levers in the pull. The one giving access to the secret is right in the center. Walk down to the pool, turn around and hop into the pool backwards. The Lever should be right in front of you. Roll and swim as fast as you can through the open gate on the other side of the pool. It will close in a few seconds. Once you go through the door will open permanently. Inside you’ll find a Large Medipak, Grenades and Flares.

On the left and right side of the pool are two more levers. Pull both of these Levers to start the fire-breathing statues. As the fire lights up the pool you’ll be able to see three partially visible platforms above the pool.

Take a running jump to grab the first platform on the left. Pull up, turn right and take a running jump to the next platform. Turn left and make a standing jump to the third platform. Take a standing jump up onto the ledge and pull the Switch which opens a door behind the platform for a few seconds.

Hop off the platform and grab the Power-Up Crystal as you run through the door. You may want to grab the crystal before doing the platform jumps if you don’t have time.

To the right of this rectangular room is a switch next to a spiked wall. As you pull the Switch the wall will start moving towards you. Quickly run to the other side of the room to pick up the second Key of Genesha. Run back out the door you came through. As the spikes move past you, reenter the room to find some MP5 Clips and a Small Medipak to the right.

Back to the Large Gate

 As you leave the spiked-wall room you’ll notice the pool has now been flooded with a mud landslide. Walk through it along the wall to the right and you should avoid drowning. Pull up and make your way to the top of the mudslide. At the top follow the passageway to the right.

At the intersection you’ll find some Flares to the left. Walk up the stairs to the right but make sure you hop backwards onto the second stair as a boulder will roll down behind you. You’ll easily be able to run back around the corner to avoid it if you’re already facing the right way.

Go about the stairs and around the corner. The two gates to the left and right will open. You have a choice of paths. The right path is easiest. Go through the right path, kill the Monkey and pull the Switch at the end of the corridor.

Up ahead another 2 Monkeys will run out at you. You’ll also find here a Small Medipak and another Power-Up Crystal. Head down the passageway the monkeys came from. Drop down backwards at the end and climb down, dropping down at the end to land in front of the large gate.

Use the Keys of Ganesha to open the gate and hop over the gap on the other side. As soon as you enter the spiked roof will start closing in on you. Jump up the wall and climb up to escape through the passageway above.

Kill the 2 Monkeys in the next room and pick up the Power-Up Crystal on the left side. Turn around and pull out the movable block in the right corner once towards the entrance.

Climb on top of the block, turn to the left, towards the center of the room and make a running jump to the ledge. Pull the Switch. Hop over to the ledge on the right side and pull the second Switch to open the gate below.

Drop down and run in front of the entrance to trigger the two boulders. Run through the gate you just opened and drop down to the lowered area so the gate will close behind you. Climb back out and crawl under the fire-breathing statue to the room beyond.

Six-Armed Statues

When you enter the room a Six-Armed Statue will come to life. Kill it and pick up the Scimitar that it drops. Climb up the blocks on one side to find Shotgun Shells. Drop down into the water on the other side of the room to find a Small Medipak.

Climb up to the statue above and place the Scimitar in it’s hand. If you get the wrong hand Lara will say “no”. When you do this the second Six-Armed Statue will come to life. Kill it and grab it’s Scimitar. Once again place the Scimitar in the other hand of the statue to open the golden gate exiting this room.

Head through the gate, drop into the pit on the other side and pick up the Uzi Clips. Go to either the left or right, climb up the small block and crawl through the narrow passage and run up the steps to the left to a large room.

You’ll see what’s happened to the other adventurers as they dangle from the roof. As you approach the center to pick up the third Key of Ganesha another Six-Armed Statue will come to life.

Kill it, pick up the key and then get ready for a challenging sequence.

Last Keys of Ganesha

There are two more keys that you need to find before you can leave this level. The first is in the passage just beyond the hole in the floor in this room.

Light a Flare and sprint into the passage to the other side. Pull the Switch, backflip, turn to the right and pull the second Switch. Turn to the right and drop down the hole that’s just opened up before the roof crushes you. Here you’ll find the fourth Key of Ganesha. When you pick up the key the gate in front of you will open. Go through and climb up back into the large room.

On a block to the left where the second adventurer is hanging you’ll find some Flares. Continue to the room beyond with a green glow and pick up the last Power-Up Crystal. You’ll notice three keyholes here but you only have two keys.

Along the far wall of this room is a hole in the floor. Turn around so the hole is behind you and drop into the water. You’ll now be facing the right way. Swim to the far right corner and pull the first Switch. Roll, swim back along the side of the wall and then over to the left side. Pull the second Switch and swim back to the opening.  Pick up the fifth Key of Ganesha on the step below the opening and climb out.

Use the three keys on the keyholes to unlock the level exit, climb up the steps and go through to end the level.

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