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Catacomb Level 4

The lowest level of the Catacomb is overrun with Giant Ants. Try to take them out from a distance because their bite can cause poisoning. It’s here you’ll find the third Horn called West Wind. You’ll also find a Darkmoon Key which you can use to unlock a door on Level 3 to find the last Horn. The Giant Ants will continue to emerge from cracks in the walls so get what you need as quickly as you can and then get out.

1) Stairs up to Catacomb Level 3 Location 12.

2) Large scratch marks on the walls.

3) A Spider Key, a Rock, two Femurs and two Skulls.

4) Entrances to the Giant Ant lair. The cracks are too small to enter but you may occasionally see a Giant Ants coming out of them.

5) Broken clay jars.

6) A Dagger +2 called “Sa Shull”, two Rocks, a Femur and a Skull.

7) Two Femurs.

8) A Dagger +1, a Dagger and three Darts.

9) Pair of Leather Boots and a Femur.

10) Shield +1 and a Femur.

11) A Darkmoon Key, Long Sword -2, a Dagger and a set of Chain Mail.

12) A Helm and a Skull.

13) The Horn called “West Wind” lies on the floor. There’s also a Long Sword +1, a Potion of Cure Poison, Plate Mail, a Helm and a Pair off Leather Boots.

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