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Silver Tower Level 1

The first level of the Silver Tower is inhabited by Mantis Warriors and Giant Wasps. Mantis Warriors and one of the quickest enemies you’ll face. Their weapons are coated with a paralyzing saliva that will paralyze your party members for a short while. Giant wasps can also not only paralyze your party members but poison them as well.

1) Stairs down to Temple Level 1 Location 14. The first time you enter this level you’ll be greeted by a Spirit.

2A-W) This room is filled with light pads. Your entire party will take heavy damage when trying to pass through them. Some of the pads will blink on and off, giving you a chance to run through them. The optimal path to the eastern side of the room is 2C, 2F, 2I, 2J, 2K, 2O, 2S, 2R and 2V. Once you get to 2R the eastern walls will disappear. The light at 2J never really blinks off so you’ll always take damage when trying to pass through it.

3) Four Mantis Warriors block your path. Kill them quickly so you can move off the light pads. One of them drops a Bone Key.

4) This Lever turns on/off the light pads. It’s currently set to on.

5) use a Bone Key to open the door to the north.

6) Push the Button to open the door to the west.

7) Mantis Egg. If you hack it open a Mantis Warrior will breaak out and attack.

8) A cursed Long Sword -2 called Hunger. If a character wields this sword they’ll grow hungry twice as fast.

9) The plaque on the wall reads “What can be trusted?”

10) The triangular niche in the north wall is magical. If you put a small item in the niche it will transform into a Wand of Lightning with two charges.

11) The plaque on the north wall reads “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

12) A Mantis Warrior guards the room and a Polearm +1 can be found on the floor.

13) A Mantis Warrior.

14) A Mantis Warrior lies injured on the floor. If you have compassion and heal it it will attack you. Once killed it drops a Mantis Key.

15) Tanglor, the helf-elven fighter/cleric is resting here. If you let him join your party he’ll come equipped with a Dagger, Holy Symbol and Plate Mail. On the floor is a Short Sword +1 and a Shield +1.

16) A Mantis Warrior.

17) Place three Bones in the mouth to be given a Bone Key.

18) use a Manis Key to open the door.

19) Use a Copper Key to open the door. The stairs lead up to location 33.

20) Two Mantis Warriors.

21) Two Mantis Warriors. One of them has a Sphere of Fire and casts it at the party.

22A-C) There is a Button on the east wall at 22A but don’t touch it yet. First throw an item at the Button on the south wall at 22C. This removes the wall and opens a pit at 22B. Now press the Button at 22A to close the pit, giving you access to 23.

23) Mantis Key.

24) Falling into the pit at 22B brings you here.

25) Falling into the pit at 22C brings you here.

26A-B) The teleporter at 26A takes you to 26B.

27) A Mantis Warrior guards a Mage Scroll of Blur and Dispel Magic.

28) An Iron Ration.

29) Use a Mantis Key to open the door to the south.

30) A Mantis Warrior.

31) If you reach this location before breaking the eggs they will all hatch and release Mantis Warriors. There are two Green Gems set in the south wall. Take out the left gem and put it back again. The south wall will disappear, giving you access to 32.

32) A Copper Key, Mantis Idol and Sphere of Fire.

33) Stairs down to Location 19.

34) Use a Bone Key to open the door.

35) Three Giant Wasps.

36) Two Giant Wasps.

37) Four Giant Wasps.

38) A Copper Key, Potion of Cure Poison and a Femur.

39) There’s a Giant Wasp nest on the west wall. It can’t be destroyed. Occasionally Giant Wasps can be seen coming from the nest.

40A-E) You must pull the Levers in the right order to open all four doors in the southern passage. First pull the Lever at 40B, 40C and then 40E. Go to Location 47 and press the Secret Button to close the pit at 40D. Go back and pull the Lever at 40D to open the last door.

41) If you drop through the pit at 40B you’ll land here.

42) If you drop through the pit at 40C you’ll land here.

43) If you drop through the pit at 40D you’ll land here.

44) If you drop through the pit at 40E you’ll land here.

45A-B) The Teleporter at 45A takes you to 45B.

46) The plaque reads “Faith is the key.”

47) This Secret Button closes the pit at 40D.

48) Use a Copper Key to open the door.

49) The Spirit that greeted you at the start of this level returns.

50) The Spirit tells you that entering this teleporter continues the test. It’s lying. The teleporter takes you back to Location 33.

51A-B) The teleporter at 51A takes you to 51B. The Stairs just south of 51B take you up to Silver Tower Level 2 Location 1.

52) This teleporter transports you to 51A.

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