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Temple Level 1

The Clerics of Darkmoon are 7th level and have the Hold Person spell. Having a Remove Paralysis spell ready would be wise. You can also beat them to the punch with a Hold Person spell of your own. They can be defeated with regular weapons and spells.

From the first level of the temple there are three paths to take, down to the Catacombs, up to higher levels of the temple or through the seal of the Four Winds. To break the seal you’ll need to find the four Horns in the Catacombs first.

1) Entrance to Temple Darkmoon.

2) The Priests will greet you as you enter the temple. If you don’t attack them right away you can have the encounter at #3. You must eventually kill the priests to continue with this quest.

3) A woman named Ira tells you of her lost sister Calandra. She runs out of the temple to find her.

4) Seal of the Four Winds. To get through the seal you must have the four Horns from the Catacombs. Once you have them blow all four Horns, it doesn’t matter what order, and the seal will be broken. You can then continue to the Silver Tower.

5A to 5B) Press the Secret Button on the west wall to reveal a teleporter. Stepping into it will teleport the party to 5B on sublevel 2.

6) The plaques on the wall read “Death be undone by me, but I shall only grant three.”

7) These two locations have a holy symbol. Click on the holy symbol and select which character you’d like to resurrect. Each holy symbol will only work three times after which they become inactive.

8A to 8B) Teleporter from 8A to 8B.

9) Teleporter to 5A.

10) Teleporter to 5B.

11) Teleporter to 5A.

12) Stairs up to Temple Level 2 Location 1.

13) Stairs down to Catacomb Level 1 Location 1.

14) Stairs up to Silver Tower Level 1 Location 1. You need the four horns from the Catacombs before you can enter this area.

15) Stairs up to Temple Level 2 Location 45.

16) You land here if you fall through the pit on Temple Level 2 Location 47.

17) Darkmoon Priests.

18) A Darkmoon Priest and a Mage Scroll of True Seeing.

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