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Forest Area

Wolves and Dire Wolves roam the Forest Area. They are weak creatures that can often be killed by a single strike from a strong fighter. Save your spells for more difficult opponents. The forest is quite small and doesn’t hold much treasure. Your goal is to find the entrance to Temple Darkmoon.

1) Rocks.

2) An old woman can be found at these locations. If you’re friendly with her she can direct you to the temple entrance. If you kill her you’ll find a Scroll showing that she’s connected with the temple.

3) A Rusted Dagger.

4) Illusionary trees to the south. Stepping through them leads the stairs down to the sublevel.

5) Stairs back up to the forest area.

6) Leather Armor +2 and some Rotten Food.

7) Mage Scroll of Blur.

8) Two Arrows.

9) There are shallow graves here. You can dig them up to find Femurs and Skulls.

10) Entrance to the Temple Darkmoon.

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