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From the Start head up either one of the stairways to the top walkway and take out the Shotgun Guys. Open the wall to the east for Blue Armor, a Backpack and Shotgun Shells. Head back down and go through the corridor to the east to a circular hub.

Take out the Chaingunners on the ledge above and then go through the passage in the south west. Turn around once you get around the corner as Chaingunners will appear behind you.

Take them out and then go through the door to the room filled with boxes. Lower the box in the back corner and ride it up. This will trigger an Arch Vile. Drop down and take him out.

Head back to the circular hub and go through the passage to the south. Press the Face Button on the pillar at the end and it will lower, along with the walls along the sides. This will release a few Revenant. Take them out and pick up the Rocket Launcher and boxes of Rockets.

Go back to the circular hub and go up the stairs to the north. Go through the door to the east and walk along the narrow walkway. Watch out for the Revenant that rises up in front of you.

Go to the left and press the Face Button on the wall. This opens up the path to the Red Key in the room to the east. When you try to grab the Red Key a Mancubus will appear. Also watch out for the Pain Elemental and Cacodemon from the ledge behind you.

When you have the key drop down into the pit on the side where the Cacodemon and Pain Elemental appeared. Lower down the wall and ride it up to Secret 1 where you’ll find a Stimpak and Shotgun Shells.

Go back to the circular hub and this time take the passage to the north west. Go through the door and you’ll see the Blue Key on a pedestal. Take out the enemies, go through the Red Door and press the Face Button to lower down the pedestal. Grab the Blue Key and make your way back to the circular hub.

Head up the stairs to the north and go through to the room to the south. Take out the Chaingunners and Mancubus and then make your way through the Blue Doors around to the Exit.

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