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The Sewers can be reached by going through the Archives to the east. Above the Sewers you’ll find the Hamlet of Stormbreach. In the southwest room you’ll have a boss fight with a Rat Ogre holding a cannon. It’s a tough fight if you’re party isn’t prepared. There’s also a Power Gem in a room to the southeast and four secrets scattered throughout the level.

Sewers Map

Sewers Walkthrough

1: Exit to the Archives

2: Stairs up to the Hamlet of Stormbreach

3: Rat Ogre Boss Fight. Make your way down to the southwest room where a boss fight will begin. You’ll be locked in the arena until you win the fight. Use one of the Brass Keys to escape.

4: Follow the Leader. Drop down from (4) to the east side and press the Buttons in the order from A to E while following the path of the spikes. You’ll also find the Secret Button for Secret 1 along the way.

5: Power Gem

6: When you pick up the shield the Trickster will enter and the gate will close. You can’t defeat him but fight him until the gate opens and he runs away.

7: Water path to the northern side of this level.

8: Stairs up to the Hamlet of Stormbreach.

9: Stairs up to the Shrine of Air in the Hamlet of Stormbreach above.


1: Press the Secret Button along the spike path to open the first secret.

2: Press the Secret Button to open up the second secret where you’ll find a Mortar and Pestle and various herbs.

3: Press the underwater Lever to open the path to secret 3.

4: The clue to this puzzle is found on a map with Tetris-like pieces in the Hamlet of Stormbreach above. Stand on the islands in order from A to E to reveal a teleporter. Go through to be taken to Secret 4 where you’ll find a chest with Crystal Gauntlets.

List of Items

1: Blooddrop Cap
2: Recipe: Bombs
3: Blooddrop Cap
4: Lightning Bomb
5: 2-Handed Longsword
6: Search around the boss room to find Brass Key x 2, Cannon Ball x 8, Shoes, Potion of Resurrection, Potion of Vitality, Cheese x 4, Hand Cannon, Note, Skull
7: Lock Picks
8: Archmage’s Cap, Crystal Shard of Protection
9: Blooddrop Cap x3, Food
10: Lightning Bomb
11: Leather Boots
12: Shaman Staff, Diviner’s Cloak
13: Throwing Axe
14: Potion of Vitality, Poison Bomb x 3
15: Lock Picks
16: Etherweed
17: Etherweed x 2
18: Crystal Shield
19: Greater Healing Potion
20: Ornate Key, Fire Bomb, Pellets x 10, Meteor Shield
21: Crossbow Quarrel x 3
22: Pellets x 10
23: Pellets x 10
24: Blooddrop Cap
25: Crystal Gauntlets, Throwing Axe x 3

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