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The Lovers

Objective: Keep Oswin safe as you track down his murderous lover.  You’ll be facing mostly Skeletons for this quest.

Special Rules: Oswin is your companion for this quest. If Oswin is injured he will eat 1 Food for every new encounter.

Oswin acts as your companion for the entirety of this quest although he has the habit of wandering off and getting kidnapped. While he’s kidnapped he’ll lose 10 Health every turn so make your way straight towards him to rescue him. An encounter card will be added to the map showing where he is.

This quest is a fairly standard quest apart from having to run off and rescue Oswin every now and again. Make sure you either have the Gold to purchase Food or bring cards that will give you extra Food as Oswin will eat as well if he’s injured.

On the last map you’ll come across The Lovers encounter which begins the final battle with Oswin’s lover who is now a Wraith. She’ll attack with a horde of Skeletons.

Oswin’s Lover

Oswin’s Lover is a Wraith and has a special ability to drain life. There’s no way to avoid this attack, the only thing you can do is to kill her to stop the effect. Heavy weapons work well against her and the Skeletons. Once she’s been dealt with kill the remaining Skeletons to complete the quest and win the Gold Token.

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