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The World

Objectives: Defeat All Enemies

There are no cards for this mission, only combat. For the deck construction you’ll have the opportunity to pick one of every type of equipment, two-handed, one-handed, duel-wielding, shield, breastplate, helm and artifact.

For my starting equipment I chose The Peeler, Cardinal Blade, Broad Shield, Coward’s Bane, Spiked Boneguard, Knight’s Helm and the Lion Heart. The Knight’s Helm was still a new card for me so I didn’t know what it did. You may be better off with a different helm.

The Peeler is an often overlooked two-handed weapon that deals massive damage for it’s special attack.

Run up the hill towards the arch. If any of your companions survived you’ll pass them by on the way up. Your first battle will be against the Empire. Then you’ll have to face Kallas for a short while before facing off against the Northerners. Once they’re defeated you’ll fight Kallas again before have to defeat the Thieves. Finally you’ll face Kallas one more time.

The Dealer will be with you in the fight with Kallas. You can use his special ability to stun Kallas for a short while. Once Kallas has been defeated you’ll win the game.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this walkthrough and congratulations on completing Hand of Fate 2!

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