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The Wheel

Objectives:¬†Three mysterious characters have been imprisoned by the Black Knight. You must travel into the dream world, find a way to free them and defeat the Black Knight. You’ll need extra Gold and Food to make it through the challenges.

Special Rules:¬†To free the Knights Prisoners you’ll need to collect 50 Shards of Fate.

You’ll need to travel up 3 sets of stairs while completing various challenges along the way to gain Shards of Fate. The challenges will require you to successfully complete various gambits. There’s also challenges that require you to have at least a certain amount of Gold and Food to be successful. You’ll need a reserve of up to 25 Gold, depending on how you spin the wheel and probably 10+ Food to ensure you can collect all of the Shards. There are more than 50 Shards so you can lose some encounters and still get the Gold Token for this quest.

This quest is not too difficult and you should have plenty of time to explore each of the levels. Equipment that helps with the gambits will make your path through this quest a little bit easier.

Each time you climb a set of stairs the Black Knight gain a new ally card. If you can find the 50 Shards before needing to climb the third set of stairs the Black Knight will have fewer allies to help him in the final battle. Once you have the Shards make your way to Fate’s Finale to confront the Black Knight.

Black Knight

The Black Knight is much tougher than previous opponents and wears strong armor that you must Bash off before you can damage his health. He dual wields swords and can attack twice in short succession. Once you’ve defeated the Black Knight and all of his Allies the quest will be completed. If you managed to collect 50 Shards along the way you’ll receive the Gold Token for this quest.

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