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The Star

Objectives: Find the four artifacts and use them to close the four portals.

Special Rules: Each artifact will give you a new curse and some of them are worse than others. Make sure you include a few curse removal cards in your deck.

The Star challenge is one of the more difficult quests in Hand of Fate 2 and you’ll some debilitating curses along the way. The first curse is that you’ll consume 2 Food instead of one for each new encounter. Make sure you include a few Food cards in your deck such as Fabled Beast. Taking the Fate’s Path blessing as one of your supplies will reveal the entire map once you reach the exit. This helps with the Mayor’s Blessing that you get at the beginning of the quest that gives you 10 Food once all the encounters on a map are revealed.

To remove curses you can use curse removal cards such as Cunning Man, The Healer and the platinum card The Demon Arae. Spiked Boneguard can also be used to removed the next curse that you get.

On the second level you will gain a Dagger that deals 10 damage to you before each new encounter. The Chef’s Charm ring will help with this as it gives you +5 Health for eating food. The Tiger’s Eye ring will reduce the pain by 5 health points. So this with the Chef’s Charm ring completely negates the second curse.

When moving to a new level make sure you are as fully healed as possible as you’ll encounter Mages who can do a great deal of damage. For the third level you’ll get the curse that gives you a new curse with each new encounter. You may want to remove that one fairly quickly or wear the Spiked Boneguard before moving to level 3 to counter it.

The Forgotten Dreams card is good for most quests but especially this one if you need to replay a curse removal card.

As you pick up the fourth artifact, Sceptre, on the last level you’ll gain another curse which reduces your Fame by 4 before each new encounter. This curse is not as bad as the first three. By now you probably want to quickly make your way to the fourth portal and throw in the Scepter. This will spawn a new encounter on the map called The Summoning. Make your way over to it for the final battle.

Arch Mage

For the final battle you’ll face off against an Arch Mage, two Mages and a Wraith. Focus on the Wraith first because it will drain life out of you and there’s nothing you can do about it except to disrupt it’s spell. After that take out the other Mages to complete the quest.

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