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Backwater Station


Eradicate the Alien Infestation
Raynor Must Survive

You begin in the south-west corner of the map with a partially built base with an Engineering Bay. This time you need to send your troops out to eliminate all of the Zerg. Start by building more SCVs to harvest the minerals and to also to build a Refinery on the gas vents north of the base. You’ll also want to build a Barracks so you can train more Marines.

Send Raynor and your Marines up to the north to liberate the small outpost. There’s more minerals here so once you’ve harvested all of the resources from your first base you can send your SCVs up to the north. In this mission you get access to the Terran Firebats that use a powerful short-range flamethrower.

Conntinue training troops and once you have around 15 send them with Raynor to the east to destroy the Zerg. Once the Zerg have been destroyed, as well as the Zerg-infested Command Center the mission will be complete.

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