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The Invasion of Aiur


Bring a Drone to the Khaydarin Crystal Formation

At the start of the mission you have a small base in the top western corner of the map. The Hatchery, Spawning Pool and Evolution chamber have already been constructed. Get your Drones harvesting Minerals and start mutating more Drones to build up your economy.

The Khaydarin Crystal Formation is in the center towards the lower half of the map. I found it easiest to build up a sizable force of Hydralisks, use them to take out some of the surrounding Protoss camps and then head for the Crystal once the path is clear.

The only exit from your base by ground troops is to the east. Continue a little further to the east to find the first Protoss outpost. Two groups of Hydralisks with a group of Zerglings should be enough to wipe them out. They will have Reavers defending their base so target them as soon as you see them.

Build a new outpost on the remnants of the Protoss base in the east and use it to gather more resources. Build up your forces and send them straight down to the Khaydarin Crystal Formation. Once you get there bring a Drone to the Beacon next to the Crystal. You’ll need to defend this area for 10 minutes.

Bring a few extra Drones so you can build some Hatcheries and Spore and Sunken Colonies. Once you have your Hatcheries next to the Crystal you can build new troops quickly.

After 10 minutes bring the Drone with the Khaydarin Crystal back to the Beacon in your starting base to complete the mission.

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