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First Strike


Meet Fenix at Antioch
Destroy the Zerg Base
Fenix must Survive

Now that the Zerg Overmind has infiltrated the Protoss homeworld it’s you’r mission to wipe them out. The objectives for First Strike are to meet Fenix at Antioch and then to wipe out the Zerg base. The map is small but there is a river going throug the center that you’ll have to walk around.

Bring your Zealots and Dragoons north around the river and then down to Antioch. You’ll meet light Zerg resistance along the way. Once you meet up with Fenix you’ll have a few more Dragoons to help protect the base.

Start building Probes and use them to mine the minerals and gas. Fenix recommends building some Photon Cannons but you don’t really need to worry about it as the attacks will not be difficult to beat back.

You’ll need to build Pylons to increase your pop cap. Having 2 or 3 Gateways also increases the speed at which you can build an army.

Bring a unit of Dragoons and a unit of Zealots up to the Zerg base in the north-west. Destroy all of the Zerg buildings to complete the mission.

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