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The Culling


Eradicate Every Last Remnant of the Garm Brood

This mission requires you to wipe out the Garm Brood who cover almost the entire map. Use your starting units to destroy the Garm Brood Hatchery, Extractor and other buildings so that you can set up your starting base.

You’ll need to start entirely from scratch. Build Drones first and when you have the Minerals mutate a second Hatchery to speed up unit production. When you take over the Garm Brood directly to the east you’ll have access to more Minerals and another Gas Vent.

Slowly work your way around the entire map, destroying the Garm Brood as you go. The final Garm Brood forces, far to the north, are located on top of a cliff. You’ll need fliers or Overlords who can transport units to reach them. Once the last Garm Brood structures have been destroyed you will be victorious.

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