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Norad II


Protect Battlecruiser Norad II
Bring Raynor and 2 Dropships to Norad II

The Norad II has crash-landed in Zerg territory. You’ll need to rescue Duke by sending 2 Dropships and Raynor in a Vulture to the crash site.

Move your units to the west, taking out the Zerg along the way, and claim the Terran buildings as your starting base. You can control the SCVs and Goliaths in the crash site to the east so make sure you keep the Norad II repaired. If it’s destroyed then you lose the mission.

To the north of your base is another site with minerals and gas vents so you can expand out to this area if you’re running out of resources.

There are 2 basic methods for resuing the Norad II. First you can build up a sizeable force of Marines to make your way around the lower areas and eventually reach the crash site. Once the Spore Colonies are destroyed you can send Dropships to rescue Duke.

The other method is to attack the Spore Colonies on the cliff immediately to your east. Once the air defences are down you’ll be able to bring the two Dropships with Raynor across to the Norad II. Either way the mission shouldn’t be too difficult to complete. Just make sure Raynor stays out of trouble as he’s needed to finish the mission.

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