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A New Dominion


Protect the Chrysalis
Eliminate the Terran Presence

The third Zerg mission is also not too difficult. Take your starting forces and send them to the hill just to the north of your starting base. Wipe out the Terrans and then place a second Hatchery near the Gas Vents and Minerals. Hatch some Drones and you’ll now have double the amount of resources coming in.

Place your staring forces in the pass just to the west of the second Hatchery to defend against Terran attacks. Build up your economy by hatching more Drones and then start building a force of about 12 to 24 Mutalisks. One to two groups.

Send the Mutalisks to the north and start destroying the Terran base. Sweep across to the east with them until all of the Terran structures are destroyed. Once the last building falls the mission will be complete.

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