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Agent of the Swarm


Protect the Chrysalis until it’s Ready to Hatch

You begin with a Zerg base on the western side of the base. The Chrysalis is almost ready to hatch but you’ll need to protect it for 10 minutes. The Terrans are worried about the Chrysalis and will send units to try and destroy it. You already have some defences up and running but adding a few more Sunken Colonies will help keep the Chrysalis safe.

The Terran attack force should be fairly small but make sure you have at least a few Hydralisks and Zerglings to deal with any Terrans that make it past your Sunken and Spore Colonies. After 10 minutes Kerrigan will pop out of the Chrysalis.

The Overmind will give you a new objective, to infect or destroy Raynor’s Command Center. You can send Kerrigan to help with the attack but it’s a little dangerous because if she dies the mission will be a failure.

Destroying the Command Center: Make sure you research the upgrades for the Overlords so that they can transport troops. There is an empty central island with Minerals and Gas Vents where you can set up a second outpost. Make sure you keep it defended as the Terrans will try to attack this base.

A group of Mutalisks should be able to clear out a few of the Turrents defending Raynor’s base to the east.¬† Once a landing spot is clear bring in the Overlords and drop off your ground troops. Hydralisks and Zerglings should be fine. Kerrigan will also help out if you want to risk putting her on the front lines. Clear a path to the top right corner of the map and destroy the Command Center to complete the mission.

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