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Desperate Alliance


Survive for 30 Minutes

After some of the colonies have been left to the Zerg the Sons of Korhal offer to send Dropships to transport the people off the planet. You’ll need to defend one of the colonies for 30 minutes until the Dropships arrive.

The outpost is located in the south-west corner of the map. There are two main entrances. You’ll need to fortify these and build some defensive Turrets to prevent an air attack.

The Zerg attacks are fairly minor in the beginning. You should focus on building up your economy by building SCVs to harvest the minerals. You probably want at least 7 or 8 just to gather minerals. There’s plenty of resources to last for the entire 30 minutes. Build a Refinery on the gas vents so you can use the gas for research and upgrades.

Once you have the resources build another 2 Bunkers at each of the entrances to the base. You should have a line of 3 Bunkers protecting each entrance. Build another Barracks and start pumping out the Marines to fill the Bunkers and to position behind them.

The Marines can attack flying enemies but you’ll also want a couple of Missile Turrets around the entrances and a few around the perimeter of your base. You do have access to Terran Vultures in this mission and you can build a few if you like as they do well against the smaller Zerg but the Marines are quite capable of defending the base on their own.

Build enough Supply Depots for at least 100 points in troops. By the final wave you should be over the 100 mark. At around 1:40 to go a large Zerg wave will attack. Position all your troops at the entrances and some on the high ground. With 3 Bunkers at each entrance, Missile Turrets and other Marines you should have no trouble defending the base.

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