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New Gettysburg


Destroy the Protoss Force
All Zerg Buildings must Survive
Kerrigan must Survive

You begin the mission in the northern part of the map. You have a small area to build your base. The Zerg horde are to your north and if you destroy any of their structures the mission will be a failure. The problem is the Zerg will also send out forces to attack you.

Build a Bunker and a couple of Towers on the northern side of your base to protect your buildings from the Zerg. The Protoss will attack from the south so you’ll also want a Bunker or two on the southern side of your base.

The Protoss have very strong ground units but limited air defence. For this reason you should beeline for Battle Cruisers once more. Once you have about 7 or 8 you’ll easily be able to completely destroy the Protoss base.

If you need more resources there are more minerals on the western side of the map about half-way down. You can set up a second outpost here. Just make sure it’s protected because the Protoss will target this base.

The Protoss have two main camps, one in the north-eastern corner and the other in the south-eastern corner. Once all Protoss buildings have been destroyed the Zerg horde will attack. Keep Kerrigan out of the way and after about 30 seconds of the Zerg onslaught you’ll win the mission.

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