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Go through the fence and make your way to the back of the dig site. As you approach the white structures a Security Guard will come out of the closest one. He drops Impactor Batteries. Pull the Switch at the back of the room to turn on the power at the dig site.

Leave and continue around the site. Another Guard comes out of the yellow tent. He drops M-V9 Clips. Open the metal doors on the right to the room with the x-ray machine. Use the controls on the desk to use the machine. You can move it around with the cursor keys. You’re looking for a symbol which can be found towards the top left side of the area. When you find it disengage from the controls by pressing Duck and then pick up the First Ancient Symbol Printout from the printer.

Leave the room and enter the next white building on the right. On the printer you’ll find the Second Ancient Symbol Printout. You can use the computer on the desk for more information about the Nephilim. When you leave this building a Security Guard will attack from the left.

Run back around the dig site, to the right side when facing the way you entered the level. There’s a gap in the fence here and a ladder leading down.

Climb down the ladder and turn right. Save the game and take a running jump over the railing to the stone ledge beyond. You may need to attempt this a few times until you get the timing right. The other way to get there is by climbing down on this side of the site and then climbing around and up on the other side. Making the jump over the railing is much quicker.

There’s a Guard on the ground below who you may or may not be able to spot. Climb up to the wooden ledge and then the walkway. Use the Switch by the mesh door to lower the hydraulic lift. Head back the way you came and drop down to the wooden ledge and then the rock ledge.

Take a standing jump to the hydraulic lift. On the left you’ll see a puzzle wheel. You’ll need to line up the correct symbols in the bracket on the left. As you turn the Lever the symbols will spin around. When one of them is in the right spot walk around to the four Levers around the corner and pull the one that corresponds to the symbol that is in the right place. This locks it in place so you can spin the other three. Repeat for the other symbols. There’s a clue to the correct sequence in your Notebook. Correct symbols shown below.

Once the four symbols are aligned a trapdoor will open above. Walk back out to the hydraulic lift and jump across to the stone ledge. Climb up to the wooden ledge and then up to the walkway. Make your way around to the left, over the wooden planks, and drop down the trapdoor to end the level.

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