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After the aerial cut-scene of the area approach the man near the red car and have a chat with him. He tells you about the Strahov, the center of operations for the Mafia.

Head down the alley behind the red car and take out the Policeman hiding around the corner. Pick up the Claw Hammer and then make your way to the opposite side of the square. To the right of the taped-off building there’s a trapdoor. Use Action to break the lock with the Claw Hammer. Open the trapdoor and climb inside. Climb down the ladder for a Small Medipak.

Climb back out and run down the alley just before the taped-off building. Around the back you’ll find another 2 Policemen and a Dog. Continue around to another trapdoor. Once again use the Claw Hammer to break off the lock, open it and drop down.

Make your way down the tunnel to the intersection. Jump over the pipe to the right and go through the hole in the wall on the right. Go up the steps and through the open door to the left.

Go up another set of stairs and into the open door to the right. When you reach the room at the end of the hall you’ll have a chat with Bouchard. He tells you about the Vault of Trophies hidden underneath the Strahov.

After the chat go through the wooden door, opposite the entrance from the hallway, to the main room of Vasiley’s apartment.

Head up the spiral staircase and push the dresser closer to the scaffolding. Lara will gain an Upper-Body Strength Upgrade. Climb onto the dresser and then up to the scaffolding. Walk along the catwalk and then up to a higher level of scaffolding. Turn left and take a running jump across the gap to the other side. Pull the Chain twice to open up a secret behind a cabinet on the ground floor and to tilt the rose window outwards.

Take a running jump to the scaffolding on the other side of the window and pull the Chain 4 times to open the face of the grandfather clock downstairs. During the short cut-scene the camera will pan to the number 3 on the floor.

Make your way back to the ground floor, pick up the Small Medipak and then approach the clock. You’ll need to set the clock to 3 o’clock by using the left and right direction keys. This opens up a secret staircase in the center of the room.

Run down the steps to a secret room. Have a look at the display cases if you want, then approach the desk. Pick up the Vasiley Full Fax from the floor in front of the desk and then look at it in your inventory. You’ll see the code 31597.

Use the keypad on the wall behind the desk and use the code 31597 to open a secret compartment behind the painting. Inside the compartment you’ll find the Last Obscura Painting.

Go back up the stairs and through the wooden door where you entered. You’ll get a short cut-scene showing that Bouchard has escaped. Go through the door on the other side of the room and head down the hall. Approach the door on the left. Someone has killed Bouchard. Take his Cellar Key and go through the open door ahead. Run down the stairs and then approach the red door. You can open it if you have the Cellar Key.

Head up the steps which lead back to the outside area and speak with Luddick who’s waiting for you. If your game crashes at this point you may need to run the patched version of the game. Download for the multi-patcher can be found here.

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