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The Lost Domain is a small area but includes a few tricky jumps. Begin by follow the tunnel to the right. As you slide down jump to the platform over the lava. Walk back a step or two and take a standing jump to the next platform and a final jump to the ledge. Pull the Lever to open a wooden gate.

Climb onto the wooden walkway and run back across the chasm. On the other side you’ll find a Large Health Pack. Go through the gate you just opened and make your way back to the left. Continue forwards to a timed jumping puzzle.

Pull the Lever. When you do Lara get’s a Lower-Body Strength Upgrade. She can now do sprinting jumps. Take a normal running jump to the first rock ledge and then a sprinting jump to the middle ledge and a final sprinting jump to reach the exit. If you make the jumps you should easily make through the gate before it closes.

Continue through the tunnel to another chasm. Take a running jump to the ledge on the left and climb up the ladder. Climb up the second ladder and jump over the gap in the bridge to the other side. Save your game here because the next jump is very difficult. You’ll need to slide down the ramp to the left and jump to the next ledge. The rock wall curves around to the right so you’ll need to curve to the right as you jump otherwise Lara won’t grab onto the ledge.

Pull up and pull the Lever to disable the blade traps on the stairs below. Walk back to the edge and safety drop to the rock ledge below. Take a running jump to the stairs and go through the door to end the level.

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