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This is a small map with no secrets but it’s filled with enemies. You’ll need to go fast if you want to make it out alive.

From the Start drop onto the platform to the right for the Soul Sphere, Super Shotgun and Plasma Gun. Dash across to the central walkway and quickly clear out all the enemies as you make your way around.

Enter into the dark room on the western side and hit the Switch. Make your way around to the room opposite the Red Door on the northeastern side and hit the second Switch.

Go through the teleporter and you’ll be taken up to the top ledges. Make your way around in a clockwise direction, grabbing the Megasphere and Red Key along the way. Once you have the red key part of the ledge will lower, taking you down to the ground. Lower the bridge to get back up to the inner circle.

For a non-secret secret stand facing the wall to the north. Drop backwards and hit the Skull Button. The circle in front of you will lower as well as the wall behind it. Inside the alcove you’ll find a Soul Sphere and Radiation Suit guarded by an Arch Vile.

When you’re done ride the bridge back up and open the Red Door in the northeast corner. Press the Skull Button behind it and get ready for another wave of enemies.

Once they’ve been killed you’ll be able to head along the walkway to the south for the Exit.

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