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You Start in a red lava cavern with passages leading out to the east and west. I like to head to the east first and clear out the enemies in the open room from the ledge.

Dash across the platforms to grab the Invulnerability and then drop down to take out the Revenant. Make your way back through the caverns to the west and take out as many enemies as you can while you’re still invulnerable.

Clear out the remaining enemies and then head to the south for the exit from the caverns out to the outdoor area.

Enter the passage on the south west side and open the secret door about half way around for Secret 1. Inside you’ll find Green Armor.

Open the electronic panel at the back to lower down a lift and ride it up for Secret 2. Drop down to get onto the upper platform of the outdoor area.

Take the lift up on the western side for an Invisibility sphere and Plasma Gun around the corner.

Find the Blue Door and drop down on the left side of it. Make your way over the lava and go through the fake wall on the right side for a Radiation Suit. This is Secret 3.

Continue down the passage to a lift that takes you up to the Blue Key. Drop down and head through the Blue Door. Kill the Revenant and press the Exit Switch to complete the level.

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