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The Start of this map is quite difficult. Take out all the enemies in the room ahead and then clear out both corridors on the left and right side. Lower the platform surrounded by water for Secret 1. After a few seconds the wall ahead will lower, releasing 6 Chaingunners.

Open one of the doors up the top of the side corridors and clear out the enemies inside. Watch out for the Revenant.

Come back to the side passage on the east side. A room will have opened up with some enemies inside. This is the Exit. You can go there now but there’s still much more of the level to explore.

Take the lift down at the northern end of the room and go through the door to the north. First clear out all the enemies around these narrow corridors.

Come back to the door you came through and open the walls next to the candles. These are Secret 2 and Secret 3. You can go through either corridor but I take the corridor further to the south first.

Take out the Imps and Hell Knights and then lower the walls with the computer panels in the center. The long southern wall is Secret 4.

When you’re done take the lift down on the western side. This takes you back to the main corridor. Walk down the corridor and press on the wall just beyond the grate.

You’ll be taken down to some lower rooms. Take out the Chaingunners and Imps and then walk towards the blue/red bars. You’ll be teleported to an alternate reality (a copy of the map to the east of the original). This is Secret 7 on the map.

Head up the lift and explore the corridors again. Take out the Specters and Revenants and then open up the walls in the main corridor where the candles used to be. These are Secret 5 and Secret 6 on the map.

Take either corridor through and clear out the room to the east. Lowering the central panels will reveal a horde of Lost Souls.

Take the stairs down to the north and clear out the Lost Souls, Chaingunners, Cacodemons and Revenants. Open the secret wall at the end of the underground chamber. Take the stairs up to the narrow corridors. This is Secret 8 and the final secret for the level.

Make your way down the main corridor and up the stairs to the lift. Clear out the main area that is a copy of the area where you started but it has far more difficult enemies. Start by killing the Arch Vile down the corridor on the east side. Then carefully clear out the enemies in the central room.

Once the coast is clear go to the room on the east side that’s a copy of the Exit room. When you press the Button you’ll be teleported to the real Exit room at the beginning of the map. Hit the Button to complete the level.

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