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Press the Face Button to lower down the lift and then run around to the front of the small hut. Open the door to the hut, take out the Imps and then press on the Face Button to open the interior room for a Super Shotgun. When you grab it 3 Chaingunners will appear.

Head towards the larger building and go inside. Carefully take out the Chaingunners on either side. At the end of the corridor go to the right and continue up the stairs. You’ll enter a large room with a Soul Sphere in the middle.

Around the edges you’ll find Health Bonuses and the Rocket Launcher. Press the Skull Button on the eastern side to lower down a section of the wall. Shotgun Guys will lower down with the wall and more of them will start teleporting into the center of the room.

To get back out of the room press the Skull Button behind the lowered down section to lower down the lifts on either side. Ride each lift up and press the Skull Button on the platforms above.

Before leaving this room open the wall just to the left of the entrance. This is Secret 1 and inside you’ll find a Backpack and Rockets.

Leave this room and head back the way you came. You’ll find another room has opened up with Revenants. When you head down the stairs you’ll face another 4 Revenants who are guarding the Blue Key.

Head down the narrow stairs and turn right to see the Yellow Key. Don’t grab it just yet. The platform will lower to the room below with an Arch Vile and Arachnotron. Drop down and use the BFG to take out the Arch Vile and then grab the Yellow Key.

Take the lift up on the other side to the rear of the building. Press the Switch outside the blue building to the right and go inside to press the Blue Switch. This lifts up the bridge to the other building.

Find a hiding spot because enemies will start teleporting around you. More enemies will also have appeared inside the large building so you might want to go back through and clear it out.

If you need health when you enter the building from the southern side you can turn left instead of right. A lift will lower down with a Soul Sphere and Baron of Hell. It only lowers down once so you only have one chance to grab the sphere.

On the eastern side of the building you should see Blue Armor. When you go to pick it up a trap opens releasing many enemies. Take them out then flip the Switch. This open the hut outside near the bridge. This is Secret 2 and contains a BFG and other goodies. Press the Button here to lower the bridge for a few seconds so you can get on.

When you cross over the bridge Mancubus will appear in front of you and Revenants behind. Turn around and take out the Revenants that appear from Secret 3.

Inside you’ll find Boxes of Rockets. Head over the bridge and enter the building. Watch out for the Pain Elementals on either side of the stairs.

Enter the maze of corridors on the right side and find a Switch. Hit the Switch and continue searching around for a second Switch guarded by a Baron of Hell. A third room will open up with another Switch. This one is guarded by an Arch Vile and a few other enemies. Watch out because they’ll teleport behind you when you get close.

Head back to the central room and go through the door on the other side. Follow the path over the murkey water and take out the enemies in the small room. A room behind you will open with Imps and a Pain Elemental.

Once the room is clear hit the Switch in the small room to reveal the Red Key.

Run around the outside of the building to the back and open the Red Door. This leads out out to the water and grass area.

Enter through one of the caves at the back and head up the steps to a Skull Button. Press it to open an area below. Up the top of the stairs on the eastern side is a false wall. Go through to find a Megasphere guarded by a Revenant.

Head down the stairs and try to get the enemies to fight against each other. Yes there’s a lot of them!

To get to the Exit drop into the pit and go through the Silver Teleporter. Press the Skull Button and step into the teleporter next to you. This takes you back to the pit. Quickly press the Switch on the other side and step into the Red Teleporter. Run forwards to the Exit.

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