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Dead Zone

Dead Zone has two exits. The first leads on to Level 16 while the second takes you to the first Secret Level for this campaign. From the Start open the wall to the north and do a complete lap around the fort, taking out all the enemies you can see along the way.

Normal Exit

There are a number of entrances into the fort. The most obvious is the stairs at the northern entrance but there are a number of lifts around the edges as well.

However you get into the fort you’ll need to fight your way into the central circular room. From here you’ll need to push the Green Button next to a door. This will unlock the normal Exit on the northern edge of the map.

Secret Exit

Ride the lift up in the south east corner of the fort. Enter the corridor to the left and follow it around to the Plasma Gun. Open the misplaced wall to the right. This is Secret 6 with a Berserk pack. Open the wall to the right in the secret room to reveal a teleporter. Take the teleporter to ledge. Turn around and press the Secret Exit Switch. This takes you to Map 31: Pharoah.


There are six official secrets in this level. None of them are too hard to find. Secret 5 is in the slime pool in the northern side of the fort. Inside you’ll find a Backpack.

To get to Secret 6 open the misaligned wall in the Y-shaped room just to the north of Secret 4. Inside the thin corridor you can open the wall to the left for a Rocket Launcher. Continue through the corridor to a Switch on the right side. Hit it and then backtrack. You should see a teleporter pad lowering down. Ride it to the base of the pillar at Secret 6. Carefully walk around to the other side and hit the Switch to lower the pillar so you can grab the Invisibility sphere.

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