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The Hamlet of Stormbreach is accessed by going through the Sewers. In the secret chest to the northeast you’ll find the Tetris Map which gives a clue for a puzzle in the sewers.  After getting through the ‘House of Needles’ you’ll find another Power Gem. The Elemental Shrine of Air is found in the southwest corner of the map and is also reached by going through the sewers.

Hamlet of Stormbreach Map

Hamlet of Stormbreach Walkthrough

1: NE exit to the Sewers

2: West exit to the Sewers

3: Teleport to the Hub. You’ll need to find the Hub Key by the Crystal of Life to the west.

4: Entrance to the House of Pain. Make your way through the maze while avoiding the spikes. Pull the 3 Levers along the way to open the path to the Power Gem to the east.

5: Power Gem

6: Hub Key and Crystal of Life

7: House of Braids. When you walk on a pressure plate every tile north, south, east or west of you will change state. Open to closed or closed to open. The path through the House of Braids is as follows. Pull on the levers when you pass them.

Step on the pressure plate at the entrance and go south, south, east, north, west, south, east, south, south, west, west, west, north, north, north, east, east, south, west, west, north, west, south, east, north, west, south, south, south, east, south.

8: Path to the Crystal Mines. Walk the path very slowly, spending at least 3 seconds on each step until you reach the gate.

9: Exit to Crystal Mine Entrance.

10: SW exit to the Sewers.

11: Elemental Shrine of Air. Place 4 Power Gems on the altar to get the Essence of Air.


1: Press the 3 Buttons in the right order to access the chest. South, North, East, East, South, North, North. Inside the chest you’ll find a Tome of Energy and the Tetris Map for the Sewers.

2: Press the Secret Button to open this alcove where you’ll find a Tome of Knowledge.

Buried Treasure

1: A note in the northeast corner of the Cemetery gives you a clue to the location of this buried treasure. Inside the chest you’ll find the Jeweled Scepter of Ruling and a Crystal Shard of Protection.

List of Items

1: Pellets x 10
2: Healing Potion
3: Potion of Resurrection
4: Spirit of Mirror Pendant
5: Rogue Boots
6: Tome of Knowldge
7: Greater Healing Potion
8: Greater Energy Potion
9: Pellets x 10, Throwing Axe x 2
10: Gold Key, Broadhead Arrow x 3
11: Iron Key
12: Maul

B: Blooddrop Cap
Bl: Blackmoss
E: Etherweed
M: Mudwort
T: Turtle Egg

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