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To get into the Pyramid of Umas you’ll need to find the Serpent Staff from the Herder’s Den. Use the special attack on the doors and they will open.

The first level of the pyramid is split in half, on the west side you have the Tomb of the Forgotten and on the east side the Tomb of the Highborn. Pick up the Tomb Keys from both of them to open the inner chambers and complete the puzzle. This level is guarded by Giant Snakes and Medusa. It also hides 5 secrets and the stairs to the Tomb Underground.

Pyramid of Umas Map

Pyramid of Umas Walkthrough

1: Exit to Sleet Island.

2: Windgate to Tomb of the Forgotten.

3: Windgate to Tomb of the Highborn.

4: Close the pits to the north by placing items on the 4 pressure plates scattered around this Tomb. Pressure plate are shown as small square on the map.

5: When you step on the pressure plate the wall behind you closes. Press the secret button just to the west to open the wall so you can get out.

6: The first Tomb Key.

7a: You’ll find the Wand of Fear and Moonblade here and must place them on the correct sarcophagus to open the gate to the north. Use the Note to figure out which room they go in based on how many people they were buried with. The Wand of Fear goes to 7b and the Moonblade to 7c.

8: Stand on the east side of the pit and throw an item onto the pressure plate. Do the same for the pit and pressure plate to the south. Once both plates have items on them the pits will close. Another pit at #9 will open.

9: Drop down here after completing #8 for a secret in the Tomb Underground.

10: The pressure plate controls the middle and southern door. While one is closed the other is open. Place an item on the pressure plate through the grate on the north side. Run around and place an item on the south side. This will keep the middle door open as you go back and pick up the item from the north side. Now when you take off the item from the south side the door to the south will open.

11: Tomb Key

12: Accessed by dropping down a hole in the Tomb of Rites above. A Button gives you access to the main chamber.

13: Accessed by dropping down a hole in the Tomb of Rites above. A Button gives you access to the main chamber.

14: Stand on the pressure plate and place an item onto it. Step off it to the south and the gate will close but the pit will open. Take the item off the plate through the gate and the pit will close so you can continue. You may want to drop down some of these pits to the Tomb Underground below for a secret.

15: Stepping into this windgate will take you to the center of the large square room to the east. You’ll be surrounded by enemies so make sure you’re ready for a tough fight. Your reward will be the Ancient Claymore in Secret #4.

16: Lever that activates the windgate back to Tomb of Rites.

17: Windgate back to Tomb of Rites.

18: You’ll need to place items on the pressure plates in the western and eastern inner tomb room. This gives you access to the buttons in room #19. In the western room place items on the north, east and south pressure plates. In the eastern room place items on the west, north and east. Leave the room and pick up the item on the west pressure plate.

19: If you placed items on the correct pressure plates for #18 you’ll be able to access all the buttons in this room. Press all the buttons to open all the doors and continue north to the stairs.

20: Stairs up to Tomb of Rites.


1: In the hall with the spark press the button to open the gate. Press the Button a second time to close the gate but run through before it closes. It looks like a dead end but the spark also opens up a wall in the dead end leading to the Mirror Greaves. Pull the Lever to get back out.

2: Press the Secret Button to the north to open up this wall. Inside you’ll find Mirror Gauntlets and a Note.

3: Press the Secret Button in the west room to open the wall to the north in the east room. Inside you’ll find a Mirror Tagelmust.

4: Take the teleporter to the square room with lots of enemies. Once you defeat them this room will be open. On the table you’ll find an Ancient Claymore.

5: Press the Secret Button to the north to open this wall. Inside you’ll find the Storm Amulet and Lock Picks.

List of Items

1: Recipe: Speed Potion
2: Pellets x10, Shuriken x2
3: Embalmer’s Headpiece
4: Falconskyre
5: Pellets x10, Shuriken x2
6: Mirror Greaves
7: Dart x2
8: Wand of Fear
9: Moonblade
10: Lock Picks
11: Cannon Ball x4
12: Greater Healing Potion
13: Storm Amulet, Lock Picks
14: Xafi Khakis, Pellets x10, Greater Energy Potion
15: Shuriken
16: Pellets x10

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