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Barrels o’ Fun

When the level begins quickly run through the barrels and go through the door on the other side. When the Mancubus behind you starts firing he’ll ignite all the barrels. Once the passage is clear go back and shoot up to the ledge on the right. You’ll trigger a bunch of enemies.

They’re easier to kill now rather than later so take the time to finish them off and then go through the teleporter at the end of the passage. You’ll teleport to a room filled with barrels and Hell Knights.

Quickly run down the corridor, turn around and ignite the barrels if they’re not exploding all ready. The Chaingunners should be killed and some or all of the Hell Knights. If any Hell Knights remain go back and finish them off.

Pick up the Backpacks, Computer Area Map and Beserk pack if you need it, then get your BFG ready and go through the teleporter to the next area.

Quickly use the BFG to take out as many Pain Elementals as possible. The barrels with the yellow flames are solid so you can use them to hide behind.

After about 30 seconds the wall will lower, giving you access to the starting area if you need to go back for something.

Press the Switch at the end to lift up a bridge between the two sections. when you run across to the other side the wall will close and you’ll be attacked by dozens of Demons. Take them out and then get ready for a tricky area.

There are two passages at the end of this room, one lower and the other slightly higher. Go through and use the rocket launcher to take out the Chaingunners in the other alcoves. Be careful because just to the left is an Arch Vile. Hide behind the corners and use the rocket launcher to take him out.

There are two teleporters in the lava on either side of this platform and they will teleport you up to the ledges on either side.

Start with the teleporter to the left and take out the Arch Vile first and then the Revenants.

Follow the passage around, take out the Demons and Arachnotrons, then head through the right teleporter. The left teleporter takes you to the end of the level but you don’t have the key yet.

The right teleporter takes you back to the long room with the Demons. Go through the higher passage and drop down to the ledge on the right. Turn around and you’ll spot a Mega Sphere and box of rockets. This is Secret 1.

Walk out onto the platform and this time take the teleporter on the right side. Walk around the left or central opening to the cave filled with Imps. Take them out and press on the face for Secret 2 and a Soul Sphere.

Grab the boxes of rockets. You’ll need them because a Spider Mastermind and Arachnotrons will be released. If you’re lucky they’ll fight each other. Hide around the curves of this passage and take them out. When you’re done come back and pick up the Soul Sphere for some extra health.

Grab the Yellow Key in the other room and go through the teleporter. Turn around an follow the passage around to the end. this time go through the teleporter on the left side.

Quickly run down the corridor before the Chaingunners explode the barrels. Make your way through the yellow door on the left to the level Exit.

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