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Level 2 is fairly small but you will need to pick up two keys before making your way to the exit. You can also find the new weapon for Doom 2, the Super Shotgun!

From the Start take out the Zombiemen across the canal and head up the stairs. Open the door and flip the switch. This opens the barrier on the eastern side of the canal. To find the Super shotgun go down the stairs and through the door. Take out all the Zombiemen and you’ll find the Super Shotgun.

Head back out and enter the area to the south. Clear out the Shotgun Guys and then jump through the window in to the building. Head up the stairs for the Red Key. Secret 1 is just through the secret door to the left of the red key.

When you pick up the red key two traps will open, one with Imps and the other with Shotgun Guys. You’re Super Shotgun works well against them.

Make your way back to the starting area and use the Red Key to open the red bars. Take out the Shotgun Guy and then flip the Switch to open the barrier on the western side of the canal.

Make your way around to a room with two holes in the corners. Drop down the left one, quickly take out all the enemies and pick up the Blue Key. Now make your way to the north and exit through the Blue Door. Go through the blue door just to the left, take out the Shotgun Guys and press the button for the Exit.

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