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Entryway Walkthrough

From the Start run around to the left for a Chainsaw. There are three large Medipaks at the exit so you don’t need to worry too much about health. Head down the corridor and ignore the closed door on the left for now. Take out the roaming Imps and Zombiemen and then head back to the door.

Open the door and take out the two Imps. Kill the Zombiemen on the pedestals and then hit the Switch on the right. This opens up Secret 1. Hit the other Switch to lower the pedestals so you can grab the ammo clips.

Continue along the corridor to the large room. Two Imps will run out of Secret 2 if they haven’t already. Turn around and take the lift up. Open the secret wall and kill the three Imps. This is Secret 3. Hit the Switch to open the secret door leading to the outside.

When you drop back down make sure you jump over the nearest edge of the small square platform. This opens up Secret 5 where you’ll find a Rocket Launcher.  The switch you hit at Secret 3 opens the door to the outside area, Secret 4, where you’ll find a handful of Imps guarding a Shotgun.

When you’re done open the door to the Exit and hit the button to leave the area.

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