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This is another fairly small map but there are some tricky sections. You begin in a pit. Move forwards or backwards to pick up the Shotgun and activate the lift.

When you emerge from the hole you’ll see Imps on ledges to the left and right. There’s not too many so use the Shotgun to take them out.

When you move close to the two doors at the end of the room they’ll open automatically and you’ll be attacked by two Hell Knights.

The room beyond the two doors has two stairs going down to a lift. The lift go downs to two floors below this one. From the right stairs stand on the lift and run forwards.

The Revenant will end up going through either the left or right teleporter. Head through the other teleporter. The left teleporter takes you to the ledge on the left side of the starting room and the right teleporter takes you to the ledge on the left side.

Take out the Revenant and then go through both teleporters to grab all of the loot, including the Blue Armor and Red Key. Drop down the lift to the floor below and this time go through the Red Door to the left.

To get to the walkway to the right you’ll need to drop down the platforms in the room to the left. Drop onto the teleporter in the right corner and you’ll be teleporter to the center of the walkway.

Press the Switch to lift up a bridge so you can get back and then go through the left door. Both doors lead to the same large area but the left door takes you to the lower level. Take the lifts down and then run around to the right until you see the Switch. This lowers down the Yellow Key on the higher level.

Run around all the way to the right and head down the gap to the right between the crates and the wall for a Rocket Launcher.

Continue working your way around and take out all the Imps as you go. When you get to the enclosed area take out the Cacodemon and use the teleporter. Turn around and press the Button on the wall and pick up the Plasma Gun. The Button lowers down the Blue Key which you’ll pick up in a moment.

Head around the walkway and open the door. This room is filled with Revenants so make a quick dash up the steps to the right.

Quickly open the door and grab the Invulnerability. Now you can turn around and take out all the Revenants. Run across from the top of othe steps to pick up the SoulSphere and then head through the door. This is the room at the bottom of the lift. Walk down the steps on the right and pick up the Blue Key.

Take the lift back to the middle level and go through the Red Door. Go across the walkway and take the other door. The lift behind it will take you to the top of the crates in the large open area.

Take out the Baron of Hell in the cage and any other enemies that you may have missed and pick up the Yellow Key.

Drop down and head around to the right. Open the Yellow Door and head around to the left. Go through the Blue door and take out the enemies below.

Drop down and walk around behind the teleporter in the corner to the left. If you step onto it from the back corner you’ll be taken to Secret 1 with the SoulSphere.

Step off it onto the walkway and turn around to hit the Switch. This lifts up the acid pool on the other side. If you want the BFG look around the acid pool close to the doorway.

Take the teleporter back from the front side and you’ll be teleported out of this room. Make your way across the acid pool that you just raised and hit the Switch to end the level.

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