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The Combine

As soon as you begin the map you’ll trigger Secret 1. Quickly dash across to the other side of the room to pick up the Shotgun. You can either take out the Chaingunners from here or run to one of the side passages and pick them off from there.

The door to the south west leads to the exit and the door to the north is where we need to go to progress with this map. Watch out for the Chaingunner on the other side and make your way up the steps.

The two doors to the west lead to the same room, one to stairs leading down and the other to a bridge. Both the doors leading further west also lead to the same area but on different levels. I find it easier to clear out the western area around the red and yellow keys now even though you can pick them up yet.

Drop off the bridge and go through the door to the north. Clear out the enemies and pick up the Blue Key hiding in the corner.

Head back to the bridge and go east to the room with the stairwell. Take one of the doors to the north and drop into the acid pool. Pick up the Radiation Suit and run to the western side. Climb up the very narrow steps and open the Blue Bar. When you step onto the teleporter you’ll be taken to the ledge with the Red Key.

The Red Door on the lower level takes you to the yellow key but you can’t pick it up yet. Instead head back to the room with the stairwell and go through the Red Door at the bottom. This takes you to a room with a strange walkway through an acid pool.

Watch out for the Shotgun Guy who likes to teleport behind you. You’ll also find a SoulSphere about half-way down. If you fall off anywhere but the area with the teleporter you won’t be able to get back up again.

Open the door at the end and run down the narrow room to the end. Hit the Switch to the right to open up a door in the room with the yellow key.

Make your way all the back to the other Red Door and go through. Go through the new passage to the left but watch out for the Chaingunner. Flip all the Switches as they lift up to lower down the pedestal with the yellow key. Quickly run back to pick up the Yellow Key before the pedestal lifts up again.

Make your way back to the starting area and this time go through the door to the west. Take out the Imps and use the Yellow Key to open the exit door. There’s another door behind it. Shoot the switch behind the counter to open the second door. Go through and hit the Switch to complete the level.

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