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Take out the Shotgun Guy ahead and the enemies in the window in the building behind you, then open the door and go through. Wait for the two Imps to walk past and take them out. Run forwards into the large room and the two platforms will start to lower. One of them has a CyberDemon and the other a Spider Mastermind.

Run behind one of them so they start fighting each other. More than likely the CyberDemon will win this battle. Finish off the Cyberdemon. It’s easiest to hide right next to the platform he’s standing on, dash out for a few shots and then hide again.

Don’t explore the rest of this area yet. Instead take the lift back up and go out the door to the starting area. Take a leap of faith off the edge towards the small building in the lava. As you jump off a circular platform will rise up out of the lava.

Go around to the back and open the door. Watch out for the Chaingunner on the ledge to the left and grab the goodies. You can stand on top of the door and use it to get a lift up so you can dash across to the ledge.

Head back outside and drop down to the lava on the left side so you can pick up the Radiation Suit. This is Secret 1. Do a lap around the lava to the small room on the other side and go through the teleporter. This takes you back to the starting location.

Look at the door ahead and drop off the edge to the right. Follow the passage along and take out the Chaingunner and Hell Knight. Follow the passage along to a window looking out to the brown building. Drop down into the lava below. Behind the brown building you can find a Soul Sphere. Come back, hit the Skull Button and ride the lift up to enter the building.

Make your way along the passages and just before the teleporter press the wall on the left to open up Secret 2. Go inside and take the silver teleporter. It teleports you to a pillar in the northern area of the map.

Drop down and hide in the little alcove behind you. The Skull Button lowers the pillar so you can ride it back up. Take out the Cacodemon and Lost Souls, pick up the Radiation Suit and then ride the pillar up.

Dash across to the outer ring and then continue towards the grey building. Head to the right side and run up the steps when you find them.

Climb up the steps and go through the teleporter. It will take you to a square room on the north-western side of the map. Press the Button and the floor will lift up. Watch out for the enemies up the top.

Press the Button and turn around to see a Soul Sphere behind a teleporter.

To get to it you’ll need to open up the wall next to the teleporter. Continue opening the walls around the back of the teleporter. This is Secret 3, 4 and 5. Be careful, one of the secrets has an Arch Vile inside.

Press the Button again and go through the teleporter. This takes you back to the area with the pillar and outer circle. This time go up the steps and take out the Arch Vile. Grab the boxes of Rockets and go through the door back to the main arena.

Climb up the steps to the platform and hit the Button to open up a small alcove with more ammo. Head back out the northern exit and then go down the steps and take the teleporter. This takes you to a structure to the north-eastern corner of the map.

First drop down to the teleporter to the right of the steps. It takes you to a small cave above with Blue Armor. Dash back across to the white steps.

Take a running dash across to the dark tunnel ahead. Walk forwards and take out the Chain Gunners when the wall lifts up. There’s a secret on the left wall but we’ll get to that last. For now head through the teleporter. It takes you to a small building on the western side of the central structure.

Take out the gunners and then look out the window. A wall will slide down revealing a passage at the bottom.

Drop down and go through the passage to a new room. Go up the center stairs backwards and take out the Pain Elemental and Cacodemons with a BFG when the wall lowers. Press on the electrical panel on the right for Secret 6 and a Soul Sphere.

Go back through the passage the way you came and go through the teleporter to the left. It will take you to the final room. Clear out the enemies from the little alcove. As soon as you step out the Pain Elemental will spot you from a hole up on the left wall. Use rockets to take it out quickly.

When you walk up the steps quickly turn around and take out another Pain Elemental. Finish off the remaining enemies and before going through the Exit go back through the teleporter in the little room that opens when you walk up the steps.

Go through the teleporter in the middle of the ring that takes you to the curved white steps. Dash across to the dark tunnel. Hug the left wall until you find the hidden teleporter. Go through for Secret 7 with a Mega Sphere.

Drop back down to the circle and go through the teleporter again. Dash across to the dark tunnel one final time. Go through the teleporter and drop down to the passage below. Go through the teleporter to the right and then head up the stairs to the level Exit.

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