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The Spirit World

From the Start there are two paths and a Yellow Door. Take the larger exit but get the BFG ready. Quickly run around the Demons and target the Pain Elementals. Finish off any remaining enemies and then drop down to the lower floor with rivers of blood.

Work your way around from the left side. Behind one of the pillars is an Arch Vile so use rockets or the BFG to take him out quickly.

In the southern section you may notice the Pink Demons coming out of the wall. This is an illusory wall. Up the steps and shoot the three symbols on the walls. One of them opens up the central pillar for a Rocket Launcher and the other two open up two doors.

The path on the left has two illusory walls. One on the right with Chaingunners and one at the end of the hall with an Arachnotron. Make sure you go into both of the rooms for Secret 3 and Secret 4. Take out the enemies here and follow the path all the way down to the end for the Yellow Key.

Go back to the room with the symbols and head into the other room. Look at the floor and you’ll see three creatures rise up, a Hell Knight and 2 Revenants. It’s better to deal with them now because when you come back here later 2 Arch Viles will appear. Grab the MegaSpere now or save it for later.

Make your way back to the area with the blood rivers and look down a gap on the south-eastern side. You might be able to see a Hell Knight.

If not that’s ok. Just drop down and take him out when you see him. He’s probably around the corner with the Revenant.

Follow the blood river around and you’ll come out to a large open area with lots of Arachnotrons and 2 Spider Masterminds. Make a dash for the Invulnerability behind the red pillar so that you can safely take out all the enemies.

There’s a bunch of Energy Cell Pack in the area with the Arachnotrons. Enough to get your BFG ammo up to full. The Yellow Door will take you back but there’s another way around. Grab one of the Invulnerability Spheres near to where you fought the Mastermind first and  then head up the steps with the blue and red walls.

Walk onto the throne at the end of the room to lower the central pillar. Stand on the pillar (Secret 1), ride it up and press the Skull Button on the right side as you entered this room. Pillars will lower revealing an Arch Vile and Revenants. Take them out while your still Invulnerable and then lower the pillar again. This time hit the Button on the left side to open a path back to the Exit room.

Before you go down that path take the Invulnerability behind the throne and go into the teleporter. You’ll be taken to the ledge on the other side of the room for Secret 2. Grab the MegaSphere and then go through the passage you opened earlier. It’s actually where you picked up the Yellow Key.

Enter the room to the left. Two Arch Viles will have appeared. Luckily you should still be invulnerable so use the BFG to take them out. Make your way back to the starting room. A lift will have appeared so you can get back up to the higher platform.

Take out the Specters and Revenants above with a BFG and then open the Yellow Door in the entrance room. It may look like a trap, and it is.

When you grab the Red Key the walls lift up revealing a dozen Revenants. Make sure you have the BFG ready so you can take them out quickly.

If you want all the secrets, from the Starting room go through the smaller exit. Open the panel with skulls on it on the left. When you enter the room and grab the Chaingun the lights will turn off and monsters will run out. Take them out and then continue to the next room beyond the blood path.

When you enter this room a Mancubus, Revenants and Lost Souls will emerge from the corners. Take out the Mancubus first and then the Revenants. It’s fairly easy to use the pillars to dodge around the Lost Souls.

Each of the three corner rooms has another room behind it. These are Secret 5, Secret 6 and Secret 7. When you’re done exploring make your way back to the exit room where you fought the 2 Arch Viles. Open the Eye Door and drop into the level Exit.

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