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The Chasm

From the start run around to the ledge to take out the Cacodemon and then head back to the right. Take out the Imps on the ledge and carefully drop off the back edge for a Rocket Launcher. The platform lifts up with you stand on it.

Continue around to the right and through the door for a box of rockets. Come back out and carefully make your along the thin ledges to the Rocket Launcher. When you grab it the wall opens up behind you releasing 3 Cacodemons.

Take them out and dash across to the room they came from for Secret 1. Drop down into the slime head to the right and go through the teleporter. It takes you to the top of a set of large red stairs.

Carefully make your way down to the bottom and drop on the ledge on the right. Go through the teleporter to be taken to a room further north.

First head around to the right and hit the Switch. A room full of Chaingunners will open around the corner. Explore the other side now and take out all the Demons and Specters.

Hit the Switch to open up a secret back near to the starting area. Explore the final corridor to the east for more Demons. Hit the final Switch to open the door heading back out which closed behind you.

Go through the teleporter, drop down into the slime and take the teleporter in the slime back up to the red steps. Dash across back to the starting area and go up the stairs to Secret 2. When you enter take out the Imps first and then press on the control panel on the right. This lowers down a lift behind you. Take it up to Secret 3.

Drop back down and continue exploring the area. Hit the Switch to release 2 Hell knights. Behind one of them is a Mega Sphere which you can grab now if you need it or save it for later.

Once you’ve explored all the passages in this secret area grab a Radiation Suit and head back out. It’s a good time to explore the slime area down below if you want to. When you’re done take the teleporter back up to the top of the red steps.

Dash across to the main pathway and head across the walkway to the slime fortress.

Clear out the Imps and Cacodemon and explore the passages to the left to find the Blue Key. Explore all the passages for some extra rockets and then head back out.

Run back across the walkway and follow the ledge around to the right to the Blue Door. Go through and quickly make your way around the very thin ledge to the Rocket Launcher. When you grab it 2 Cacodemons will float up from below. Quickly make your way back to the blue door and take them out.

Continue forwards and drop down into the gap ahead. You should see the Invulnerability Sphere down below. This is Secret 4.

When you pick it up the floor around you will lift up. You’ll also need to press on the walls twice to continue lifting it up so you can get back out. By the time you’ve escaped the Invulnerability will have worn off!

Continue around to the right and take out the Lost Souls. Dash across to the ledge on the right and press the Skull Button to open the door to he Hell Knights. Press on the next Button to open the area to the Mancubus. Take them out and press on the control panel. It releases Demons from behind you.

Once the area is clear dash back across to the thin ledge. Continue north to the MegaSphere and then drop into the hole which is actually a teleporter. It takes you back to near where you found the fourth secret. Continue forwards and turn left.

Carefully make your way around and grab the Backpack and box of Rockets. Watch out for the Cacodemon that lifts up when you get close.

Get your BFG ready and head towards the dangling man. This is a teleporter. Quickly run forwards and turn around. Use the BFG to take out the Lost Souls. Make your way around to the teleporters and go through the Silver Teleporter.

This takes you to a strange blue room with Pink Demons. This is a strange room but you need to press the Button to lower a lift and kill all the Demons. Lower the lift and ride it so you can press the next Button. Once again kill the Demons, press the Button again and this time lower the next lift. Ride it up so you can grab the Red Key.

Once that’s all done head back through the teleporter and carefully make your way around to the Red Door. Go through to the Level Exit.

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