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From the Start the Exit is just behind you but you’ll need the Blue Key to get to it. The three other doors all lead to the outside area. Some of the faces on the walls can be opened. Inside the cabinets you’ll find a SoulSphere, Green Armor and Invisibility.

When you head outside a Hell Knight will teleport behind you. This first area is the most difficult part of the map. Carefully take out the enemies, watching out for the Revenants on the ledges. When the enemies have been taken out run around to find all the ammo dotted around the place.

Look towards the ledge on the western side and lower down the lift between the door to the left and the ledge. Clear out the enemies up here and then open the bars to the large circular room. As you move forwards onto the first step the wall to the left and right will open. Quickly step back to the safety of the corridor.

When the coast is clear dash across the steps to the other side for a Plasma Gun. The back wall will open up revealing a Revenant and Hell Knight.

Drop down to the slime and take the teleporter back up to the entrance. From here you can walk around the wall to the ledge on the left. Just hug the wall and make your way around.

On the ledge you’ll find a MegaSphere. Press the Button to find the Yellow Key. This is Secret 1. From here drop down and go through the slime waterfall on the right. This is Secret 2.

The teleporter takes you to the other side of the room where you found the Plasma Gun. It’s just another to get up there. Drop down and go through the teleporter to the entrance.

Before going through the Yellow Bars drop down the lift in the corner. Push forwards so you can get off at the small room with the Imp. Inside you’ll find the BFG. Take the lift back up and go through the Yellow Bars.

When you walk to the east a wall will open up with an Arch Vile behind it. Hug the wall and step back to get off a shot or two at the Arch Vile until he dies.

Step down the hall to the east but step back when you trigger the lift. A Hell Knight will teleport into the room. Take it out and then ride the lift down. Grab the Rocket Launcher and press the Button. This lowers down the ledge with the Red Key. Ride the lift up and grab it.

When you pick up the Red Key and walk back into the room 2 Barons of Hell will teleport in. Take them out and continue east down the corridor. You have everything you need now to open the Red Door to the north but you can continue exploring the rest of the map if you like.

When you’re ready open the northern door and step forwards to trigger the Cacodemons. Take them out from here and then drop down into the circular room. More Demons and Cacodemons will spawn in.

Press the Button in the dark area on the southern side to lower the pedestal with the Blue Key. When you grab the Blue Key quickly pick up the Invincibility. A CyberDemon will teleport into the room. Use the BFG to take him out quickly. Finish him off with Rockets if you run out of Plasma Cells.

Make your way back to the Start. Open the Blue Door and take out the Revenant behind it. Press the Switch to end the level.

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