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The Waste Tunnels

From the Start you’ll notice a Supercharge in front of you. Be careful when you go out to grab it because there’s a Chaingunner on either side, as well as a few Shotgun Guys. The starting corridor has three Imp traps. When you get close to them a lift will lower, trapping you in a small room with Imps. The southern one leads to the middle courtyard.

The first secret is a little bit tricky. Walk onto the balcony on the east side of the courtyard and walk inside. A trap will open with Shotgun Guys. Take them out and then press on the wall to the north. It will lower as well as a lift leading to Secret 1.

Quickly drop down into the secret. You only have a few seconds. Inside you’ll find a Plasma Gun. Press the Skull Button to lower the lift so you can get back up.

Head through the door to the east. This is actually a lift that lowers you down. Take out the Imps in this dark area and then go through the door to the north. Follow the corridor around to another Supercharge. Press on the wall behind it for Secret 2, a Beserk pack.

Come back out and take the corridor to the south if you want to explore everywhere. The door behind you will lock shut. Open all the smaller doors and flip the Switches. One of them opens the door behind you, one the door ahead of you and another a secret door in one of the small rooms. This leads out to the waste tunnels.

Explore the waste tunnels if you want but when you are done return to the large square room. Take out the Zombiemen around the edge and go through the door to the north to their area. Follow it around to the east to find the Red Key.

Continue around, taking out the Lost Souls, and drop back down to the waste tunnels. Find the Red Door and go through. Behind it you’ll face a Hell Knight. They’re only half as tough as a Baron of Hell.

Grab the Blue Key and continue forwards. Use the key to open the Blue Door to the south. Clear out the area and then grab the Yellow Key. When you get close to it three Cacodemons will be released.

To reach Secret 3 you’ll need to strafe run across to the ledge on the other side of the pit. If you get it right you should feel like you’re sliding across to it.

In the pits on either side are two Specters so be careful if you miss the jump. Once you’re done head through the Yellow Door and hit the Button to complete the level.

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