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Subspace is a small, fairly easy map by Christen David Klie. Either shoot or punch one of the doors to get into the small room with the Red Key. When you do 8 Lost Souls will be alerted by the noise.

Let them infight if you want and then take the rest of them out. When you’re done open the door to the north. Hide around the corner and wait for the Shotgun Guy to get close so you can take him out. Grab his Shotgun and clear out the room of any remaining enemies.

The levels only 2 secrets are located on either side of the passage ahead. Shoot the barrels first to kill some enemies in the room beyond. Open the wall on the left for Secret 1 with a MegaSphere and open the wall on the right for Secret 2 with a SoulSphere and Blue Armor.

In the hallway ahead two panels will open up automatically when you walk near them. You can clear out the room behind the panel on the left first but you’ll need the Yellow Key to progress.

Head through the panel on the right and clear out the Zombiemen. Make sure you drop down into the small room on the left and press the Button.

This reveals another Button further on. Continue outside and and take out all the Imps and Shotgun Guys.

Press the floating Button in the middle of the outdoor area. You only need to press one side and it doesn’t matter which one. This lowers down a barrier in the building ahead so you can progress.

Continue into the building and down the stairs. Take out the enemies on either side. Head to the right and look behind the barrier. This Button is revealed when you pressed the first Button.

Press this Button to lower down the Yellow Key. Head back to the left and take the door outside. Clear out the enemies and pick up the Yellow Key.

Go through the teleporter to be taken back to the starting area. Go through the opening panel to the left and then go through the Yellow Door to the left.

Make your way around the thin walkways and hit the Switch. This lowers down the Blue Key in the Yellow Door to the right. Grab the Blue Key and head back out.

Make your way back to the starting room and through the Red Door to the south. Clear out the enemies and open the Blue Door. Press the Switch behind it and head outside. Go through the teleporter to complete the level.

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