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The main area of the Flooded Dungeon is accessed by going down the stairs in the center of Sleet Island, just to the south of the Shrine of water. Inside you’ll find a vault where you can select from a number of different items if you have a gold key.

Flooded Dungeon Map

Flooded Dungeon Walkthrough

1: You are teleported here after taking the Arquebus from Sleet Island above.

2: Stairs up to Sleet Island

3: Press the button on the wall to open the gate to the south.

4: Press the button to open the gate leading to the northern section.

5: The Vault. Use a Gold Key to open one of the vaults.

The Glass Vault: Potion of Dexterity, Spirit Mirror Pendant, Greater Energy Potion
The Steel Vault: 3 Frost Bombs, Cutlass, Shield of the Elements
The Golden Vault: Acolyte Staff
The Floral Vault: Sack, 3 Falconskyre, 2 Mudwort, Crystal Flower, Shaman’s Cloak, Leafbond Bracelet


1: Press the secret button here to open the small room with the Crystal Cuirass.

2: Getting into the Vault counts as a secret.

List of Items

1: Blooddrop Cap
2: Crystal Cuirass
3: Gold Key

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